Pemenang Master Chef Season 241 | Cooking Simulator (Vtuber Indonesia/Episode 47)

HOW TO TURN THIS OFF? HELP! I NEVER USE MICROWAVE! Halo, my name is Maya Putri! are you hungry? ofcourse hungry! let's cook! Welcome! welcome! Welcome Monsieur & Monsieurella to Maya de la Kitchen today we will cook food that everyone love Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng) I hope i can do it "Do you want […]

ULTIMATE COOK-OFF in Cooking Simulator!

while the cooking's him I'm cooking by him while on the cooking sim ladies and gentlemen we are closed merely we are gonna have a cook-off first up is our smithy sub subs are let's all confer recipe that we all have to accomplish going one at a time time will be a factor in […]

Nolan North and Troy Baker Go Boom Shakalaka on NBA JAM!

we drink this I drink coffee oh really I see something just to live something better what do you have check this out John wait wait wait yep yep yep yep yep check it out it's retro replay whiskey that says Nolan oh oh hold on we have a card yes we do you see […]

The 4 most useful vendor recipes for levelling in Path of Exile. Very good for SSF and early league!

welcome everyone tuning in my name is Scott master Opie and today we're doing a live stream video because there's some people in chat who don't know about the vendor recipe system yet and it you know brought to my awareness that this needs a little bit of explaining a little bit of context so […]

SPECIAL New Minecraft 1.14 Crafting Recipes

more new minecraft 1.14 crafting recipes to get some very special items indeed there are now recipes to make music discs in game as well as leaves yes you can now craft leaves believe it or not cobwebs and a whole host of new items web bomb what is that about how about some berry […]

Automatic Bone Meal – Hermitcraft 6 Ep88

cuisine royale experience #1

oh my god y'all ready no I'm being a chick saying rip that underwear I have the same pair I feel like I would get D monetize just from this character are we like in it oh is this like a waiting this isn't a game yeah you sure wait is this the game I […]

CHEF THINKNOODLES IS BACK!! | Cooking Simulator | Fan Choice Favorite

hey chef big noodles and oh we are back in cooking a simulator because I got an email from the developer said they'd made a lot of changes and updates to the game so hopefully I'll do a little bit better and and not just burn the place down and frustrations Wow okay there we […]