Curb Your Adrenaline, Improve Your Health – Dr. Michael Platt

bulletproof radio a state of high performance you're listening to bulletproof radio with Dave Asprey today's cool fact of the day is about adrenaline it turns out it has short term superpowers adrenaline also known as epinephrine is a neurotransmitter it's made mostly by your adrenal glands and your body secretes it in a moment […]

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10,000 Calorie Challenge in ONE MEAL | VEGAN

the moment you've been waiting for now I'm gonna attempt trying to eat it all there's precisely ten Oh Terry I may be a weirdo but this is my year yo my life may be crazy my lack of the lazy has let me do that I love on the daily that's your letter side […]

Matt Ogus – Cutting Diet – Meal by Meal

I'll get around 6 to 8 a.m. get up out of bed get a nice look at myself it'll go to the bathroom it'll weigh myself head downstairs make breakfast so for breakfast I like eggs eggs some soup and oats salt get started weigh out my oats right now I'm having 70 grams of […]

Stop Food Cravings – Subliminal Message Session – By Thomas Hall

Best Bulking Meals on a Budget | Zac Perna

what's up guys Zack Kona here and today I'll show you about top three meals to give you absolutely massive so we're getting a lot of questions lately on the best meals to have when you're bulking meals that easy to make they're cheap and they taste good as well so today I thought I'd […]


Matt Ogus – Shredding Diet – Meal by Meal

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