We Tried Honduran Food For The First Time

Is This Food Or Something Else?: Fudge or Soap

Latino Dad Cook-Off

oh my god oh shit I gotta flip one more ticket and we’re good oh my god I got the came upon a man that’s a lot of flames welcome to the Latino Dodd cook-off 2k 19 baby today we have Yvonne UI and avi L as they face off against each other to create […]

BFFs Bake A Cake Without A Recipe

I'm just curious how many eggs you guys put in we put 16 eggs hi I'm RIA I'm a PST producer today to BFS buttering each other baking a cake without recipe and we will find out which makes better cake I can bake better than I can cook which i think is saying something […]

No Recipe Challenge: Giant Chocolate Soufflé

can we watch the video one more time I gotta remember something like what's next in my time at TC I put myself through a number of ridiculous cooking and baking trials okay god I'm so over this but it dawned on me why should I have all the fun so I'm challenging to my […]