BAKED | S01E01 – “Where the F*** Is My Pizza?”

So you’re the one Gulaab was talking about How’s my brother doing these days? Hope he’s alright Yes… He’s absolutely fine Would you like some tea? No sir… No thank you Mr. Maheep Singh you have a 2 O’clock with Mr. R.V. Tulli please don’t forget Yes… Of course madam Haris can I be frank […]

如何成為葛登拉姆齊 | 料理模擬器 Cooking Simulator (中文字幕)

(゚3゚)~♪ (☉д⊙) 鮭魚排+馬鈴薯ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ 操作100 d(`・∀・)b 我要殺了你 我要掛了…..救我…. 挖都不都(╯‵□′)╯︵┴─┴ 這豬肉他媽有夠生 我聽到他還在唱哈庫哪馬踏踏 Q_Q ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ↖支持一下雖然是難笑廢片但還是要剪三天Q_Q


oh hey guys we're just very excited to play this RV today it is roblox the amazing kitchen escape and we get to select what fruit we are we could be very cute absolutely great beer all know it Castro bucks oh but I want to be a pineapple I just want to see how […]


today we are playing dare to cook and we all look exactly like Galt I go yeah I mean triplets I'm young they're coming for your brand oh my gosh maybe that is true but if you guys are wondering why we all look like her it's because this is the only hair they allowed […]

I Made a Five-Star Meal Using Only ROTTEN INGREDIENTS in Cooking Simulator (Food Simulator)

Guido welcome to the cooking simulator dimension this dimension is known for having the finest cuisine in the entire multiverse unfortunately and rather ironically every chef available right now is off ill okay they're all very sick and as I said ironically they've all got food poisoning I know dude um it doesn't spell a […]

I'm a Lunatic Chef That Cooks Food Using Explosives – Cooking Simulator Update


hey mommy will be home at 4:00 I'm taking care of you for now is that okay you have special instructions for you today what's your special instruction gave us a list of chores to do okay the first tool is to put the laundry away can you help me with that please I think […]

ZEUS only to GLOBAL ELITE in cs:go

think Seuss only to global Italy and a clock is 3:00 in the morning so this cometh got 20 up boats the last videos so yeah let's do it but I'm gonna have to change something on the seat decide so I think I'm gonna play with the five-seven instead the most stupid thing is […]

Teaching Aaron How To Cook! [COOKING SIM]

okay so Jason you know how great of a cook I am I've made many memories for you first of all I am the great cook okay you wrote it into your scripts I am the best cook let me show you how it's done okay fine show me awesome what do you do what's […]

Fancy Steak'N Fries Dish for a Fancy Food Critic : Cooking Simulator Gameplay

what's good on YouTube my name is diesel and today we're back in cooking simulator we have a dish of the day we just learned a brand new and a steak and french fries the American Dream American dinner let's get preparation face Burrell prepped up usually on the clean and face I'm pretty good […]