The Human Sushi – Nigiri

Hi, my name is Arthur. I represent the dance group “The Human Sushi” and this is our Nigiri with salmon ballet.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #15

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to another Try Not To Laugh Challenge.(here we go again) I’m gonna make another promise; that I can’t keep, and I’m gonna say that I’m a stone-cold bastard with ice in my soul and no joy in my face,(we believe you) and we’re gonna ignore the […]

Unlikely things to hear on a gardening programme | Mock The Week – BBC

Unlikely things to hear on a gardening programme. And this is the soil where I spread my seed last week, in fairness I didn’t know the cameras were on. Well they look like onions but they’re not onions. They’re my testicles. I got the lawnmower from Halfords, I got the rake from B&Q, and I […]

Tony Baker- Cats Vol 3 (TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE) Reaction

hey guys so today I'm gonna rap into bits of Tony Baker comedy cats vol 3 it's gonna be trying to laugh challenge so let's watch this no one escapes Oh Lord Jesus is out of here he's out of here with hair that he go that fan is lightning quick but it's like I […]

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NEW Dawin – Dessert WatchuGonDoWithThatDessert – BEST Vine Compilation – Funniest Vines


no unwrapping thing is unwrapped we should have not put this in the kitchen how to get ready for video are you guys ready now I was starting yeah ladies and gentlemen in today's video we have an interesting challenge last one the leaves of the kitchen when Sen thousand dollars man what what no […]