Bagged Salads and Salmonella – University of Leicester

We wondered why it was that Salmonella infections from fresh produce cause such severe symptoms. What’s happening to the pathogens, to the Salmonella when they get into the salad bag? The very first thing we did was to actually go out and buy some bagged salads and separate them into different salad leaf sorts. So […]

What’s going on in your kitchen?

[laughs] Oven! Looking hot today! Oh, Grater. Thanks. You look… Grate? Yes! I know. What’s cooking, good lookin’? Nothing yet! What about you, FFF-Fridge? Got some fff-food for me? Get lost, Grater. I refuse to get hot and bothered because of you today! Oh Fridge! Why are you so cold to me? I’m a fridge, […]