Kale and Tofu Salad by Manjula

Today I will be making kale and tofu salad. This is a healthy and delicious salad. This is a simple recipe. Kale with tofu, crunch of apple, cranberries mixed with ginger dressing. This salad will complement any meal. This recipe will serve 3. To make this salad we will need: I am using 4 kale […]

Carrot and Moong Dal Salad Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making carrot moong dal salad. This is very nutritious and healthy salad with beautiful colors. This is a easy recipe to make, but very tempting. Carrot moong dal salad also makes a great afternoon snack. This recipe will serve 4. To make this salad we will need: 2 cups of shredded […]

Gâteau Sans Cuisson ! tellement facile et 😋

Hello Chocolate Cake Without Oven 400g of cookies 650ml milk 2 spoon of bitter cocoa 4 large tbsp cornstarch 200g Sweet dark chocolate butter 3 hours Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting

Homewood Heritage – cooking on a cast iron range

Welcome to Homewood! I’m David This is my wife, Penelope and we’d like to show you our stove This is a cast-iron stove all the business parts are cast-iron: the cooking plates, top, the doors, the front, and all the oven panels are cast-iron Cast-iron is very suitable for making stoves out of, it’s the […]

How to Stir-Fry

Why order out, when you can stay and stir fry? Make quick, nutritious meals all in just one pan, for a fraction of the cost of take-out. With a lot of heat, and a little oil, stir fried meats and seafood come out tender and juicy, while vegetables stay crisp, flavorful, and healthy. A wok, […]

How to Make Fried Pickles

A southern favorite for generation, Fried Dill Pickles, also known as Frickles, are a fun crispy appetizer perfect for any weekend get together. And they’re as easy to make as 1, 2, 3! Step One: Slice the pickles. Cut whole dill pickles into quarter inch slices, and set aside. Step Two: Make the batter and […]

How to Make Fried Rice

If you’re looking for a fast and easy dish you can make using basic ingredients, including leftovers, think fried rice. It’s a satisfying dish that starts with cooked rice, mix in vegetables, and it’s a side dish. Add meat or seafood, and fried rice transforms into a main meal. Best of all, fried rice is […]


Guys let’s start this video off with a giveaway My friends over at venture frog are giving away the first 50 people who watched this video a grenade Let’s start this video off with the giveaway guys my friends over at adventurer frog are giving away a grenade for the first 50 people who watches […]

Avez-vous testé cette nouvelle recette ??

Hello 3 Eggplants Half onion 2 cloves garlic 1 tomato 1 green pepper 1 red pepper coriander salt coriander cumin salt pepper 1 spoon flour 4 eggs vegetable oil Thanks for watching and sharing