Everything Is Complicated | Stand-Up Comedy by Vikramjit Singh

So, before I go ahead I just wanna tell you I do My jokes in English and Hindi both I hope you’re okay with that Because some people are not! This guy met me after a show And said “YOU ARE INDIAN” I said “Erm, yeahh” “Who the hell are YOU?” “PROUD Indian” “Oh” “So […]

Gingers making pancakes

(snorting) (energetic electronic music) – The batter’s all lumpy we made, so we’re gonna have batter with lumps in it. – This looks like a child’s sick. – Let’s spread it around. Wait, you need like a spatula. Don’t use a metal fork. (laughing) That’s more like it, just let it sizzle for a while. […]

Ernie Cooks Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie Balls | Ernie Cooks | HiHo Kids

– Gobble. (screeches) (laughter) (upbeat music) – Happy Thanksgiving. – Welcome back to Ernie Cooks. Today, Ernie and I are going to be making a delicious Thanksgiving recipe. Fun for all turkeys. – [Ernie] Delicious candy corn. – Hold off on the candy for just one second, okay? How are we gonna know what to […]


– Hi, guys. How’s it hanging? Today is a very exciting day. Not for me, not for you, not really for anyone, except for Moo. Today, I am making my cat her very first, gourmet, home-made meal. (gasping) Thus far, she’s just eaten a bunch a kitty crap. I gotta be honest. Just packaged food, […]

Ernie Cooks Lumpia! | Ernie Cooks | HiHo Kids

– Okay, maybe I can make something out of this. (laughing) Lucho! (bright upbeat music) – Welcome to Ernie Cooks. This is. – The chef? – The chef, Ernie. I am? – The guest! – The guest. Zach. – He is my assistant! – I think he said assistant. – You look for the recipe […]

Cooking with Marshmello: How To Make FRIENDS Cookies (Feat. Anne-Marie)

Hello, loves! And, welcome to episode 22 of Cooking with Marshmello! Today, we’ll be — oh, Mello? Are you expecting someone today? Well, best let them know that we’re about to get started.. -Phone Text Messages Fast- Well, look at that, it’s your friend! And only your friend, Anne-Marie. Here to help us make some […]

IRL Fruit Ninja with Evan Breen | Cooking with Marshmello

Hello Marshmello! Feeling summery! ☀️ No summer days perfect without a friend to share it with! Good thing Evan Breen is here to help you cook today. Let’s arrange an island fruit platter. Some of the exotic food proposals… Kiwi Dragon fruit and plantains To begin our platter we’ll need to peel the necessary fruit. […]

"Shoota Flow" – Baker Mayfield Rookie Mix 2019 🥶🤫

Fluffy Pumpkin Pie Dip – Lynn’s Recipes

hi welcome to Lenz recipes today I'm going to make a fluffy pumpkin pie dip this would be perfect for a tailgate party or any party that you have at your home it's great for the fall you could do it for Halloween or even for Thanksgiving you can find the amounts of the ingredients […]