My Korean Fiancée Tries To Cook Me Soul Food! | SLICE n RICE 🍕🍚

(upbeat music) – What’s up Ninjas! – This is Slice. – And Rice. – The ninjas really want Glory to make it to the cookout. You did horrible last time when we did the trivia. So the next test is to see if you can at least make a dish for the cookout. So we […]

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Hello! This is Chef John from with my recipe for Buttermilk Fried Chicken, one of my favorite recipes of all-time, and not that hard to put together. And, uhh, just for fun, I’m gonna show you how I break down a whole chicken, for fried chicken. I’m gonna take off the wing tips, those […]

We Tried to Fry Chicken in my New Kitchen!

Spicy Hot Wing Challenge! ft. Nick Colletti and Casey Frey | Cooking with Marshmello

Good morning, Marshmello! Are you inviting some of your friends over for today’s episode? Who’s it going to be? Derek Fisher, Paula Abdul, Zac Efron. It’s your pals Casey Frey and Nick Colletti! Welcome, guys! How do you all feel about a hot wings eating contest today? Great! For our spicy chicken wings We’ll need […]

Crunchy Korean fried chicken recipe (Dakgangjeong: 닭강정)

Hi everybody! Today I’m making Korean fried chicken. Sweet and crunchy crunchy! Korean name is dakgangjeong. What? You made dakgangjeong with my old recipe? Five years ago, I uploaded my dakgangjeong recipe. But today’s recipe is different version of dankgangjeong which is easier, faster, what else? Delicious! When you make this for any party – […]

This Food Truck is Adding Filipino Flavor to All-American Burgers — Cooking in America

– The one sauce of all sauces in the world. Mang Tomas All Purpose Sauce. Put it on anything. Hamburgers, roast pork, sprained ankles. Everything. I ain’t gonna come to Houston and not do me. That’s right, we’re gonna do Filipino. This next that we’re gonna go, we’re gonna probably see those flavors of longanisa, […]

Welcome to the Cheesecake Factory of Global Cuisine || Eat Seeker

– [Ken] I like to say we’re like the Cheesecake Factory of Central Square. I mean, we can have Grandma eating one thing. We could have some punk rock kid eating another thing. We wanted a restaurant where we could cook whatever the (bleep) we wanted to any time we wanted to. It’s, I think, […]

How Sylvia's Dishes Out Harlem's Most Legendary Soul Food | Legendary Eats

– When you're in New York City and you're craving soulfood, you head to Harlem, and anyone that grewup in this neighborhood knows that Sylvia's isthe place to get it. Hey guys, we're in Harlem about to try some of themost legendary soul food in New York City, Sylvia's, and we're even gonna see how […]

Crispy Thread Chicken With Sauce | Chicken Fry Recipe | Kitchen With Amna