Which Celebrity Makes The Best Fried Chicken?


AYEE time to cook the chickennn *theme music starts* What up DK gang. You guys already know we got another cooking video coming at you guys right now, BUT wait today we are doing something different. And we actually are taking you guys along with us to the grocery store to actually Shop for the […]

LA’s Spiciest Chicken Is Too Hot For Any Menu

You drippin’. You sweatin’ for real. Your hairline is wet. It’s hot! We got INSIDER in the house! [Group] Yeeeeah! Take another bite, quick, quick. Oh, it’s hot! Oh, it’s hot! OK, so deal is I’ve been to Howlin’ Ray’s, I’ve done the fried chicken. It is so spicy, I cannot believe they made something […]

KFC Fried Chicken & Donuts Sandwich Review

So, KFC has just announced that they are gonna up the ante in the chicken-sandwich war by offering a fried-chicken-and-doughnut sandwich. And it’s only available in limited markets, Virginia and Pittsburgh. I’m just outside Richmond, in Powhatan, Virginia, at this KFC-Taco Bell combo, and I’m gonna give it a try. Could I get one fried-chicken-doughnut […]


we’re in Berlin, Germany we are so excited to be filming a bunch of food videos here let’s get food hunting for this one Berlin the capital of Germany has a vibrant food culture in this three-part series we’re hunting down the best local food and eating where the locals eat, in this video we’re […]

Black Moms Try Other Black Moms’ Soul Food

that’s why I’m a huge size hi I’m Jay Van Buren my name is Donna Glaser I’m Gina Brown my name is Denise I love soul food because my mother and my grandmother you have to pull though history behind so for a little blues little jazz gospel and so food comes out with soul […]

KFC Waffle House Hash Brown Double Down Taste Test | FUTURE FAST FOOD

– In July 1940, Harland Sanders created Kentucky Fried Chicken’s signature blend of 11 herbs and spices. But the past is past and the future is future? Whatever. Let’s see what crazy menu item KFC has in store next. This is Future Fast Food. (upbeat music) Future Fast Food entry number 4,866. In my quest […]

Best Chicken Wings With Zucchini French Fries | Fishing Kitchen | Cooking on the sea

“RIBOLOVAČKA KUHINJA” Vanzemaljci U redu, sad smo spremni. A sada… “PILEĆA KRILCA SA POMFRIJEM OD TIKVICA” Jutro prije ribolova So Ostavite da se kompletno ocijede i osuše minimum 4 – 5 sati Pileća kocka za supu Bijeli luk Slanina Ulje Pileća krilca Puter Biber, ne soliti! Bijelo vino Pileća supa Kuvajte uz miješanje 25 – […]

The Best Fried Chicken and Quince Recipe – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

The Best Fried Chicken and Quince Recipe by Heghineh Here’s the best fried chicken and quince recipe, from my favorite Armenian cuisine. Or should I say, my own version of an Armenian dish This is not even an exact recipe, this dish is about two simple ingredients: meat and fruit, properly spiced and slow cooked, […]