Inside Dorie Greenspan’s Kitchen!

Sound speed. Cameras rolling. One alpha take two, A and B cam only mark. That wasn’t a very energetic (clap) Welcome to my Connecticut kitchen. I’m Dorie Greenspan and I’m a cookbook author. It seems that I’ve lived most of my grown-up life in New York City, here in Connecticut, and for the past 20 […]

How To Make Easy Cream Puffs – Natasha’s Kitchen

– Hi, everyone. It’s Natasha of and today, we are making cream puffs. This is a classic French dessert filled with sweet cream and dusted with powdered sugar. Homemade are the best and these are easier than you think. Pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and we’re gonna get started on the dough. […]

The French Pastry Master Baking New Mexico’s Best Baguettes — Cooking in America

– Alright, we’re going to Clafoutis, which is a traditional French bakery, patisserie, here in the high desert of New Mexico. We’re gonna be meeting with Anne and Philippe, who has traveled back and forth from France but couldn’t get New Mexico our of their heart. They’ve been here for 10 years, and now the […]

Chocolate Eclairs Recipe Demonstration –

hi I'm Stephanie Jaworski of joy baking calm today we're going to make chocolate eclairs and this is a chocolate eclair as you can see it's got a nice crisp pastry shell that's filled with pastry cream and then topped with the chocolate glaze now we're going to start by making choux pastry so pre-heat […]

Eating French Desserts from the Pâtisserie | Traditional French Desserts & Cakes

I've got one more question for you before I let you go – why can't any other country replicate this?! Salut YouTube I've got a Frenchie with me today Adele because we're gonna do a video about Frenchpatisserie and all the delicious things. You've actually been a pastry chef right in New Zealand? Yes so […]