In Jacques Pépin’s Kitchen

Hey, I’m Francis Lam. This this week on The Splendid Table it’s all about Jacques Pépin, the living legend! Jacques: When I do a recipe, I have total freedom. All I have is an idea. Francis: We got to spend a day with him in his home. We talked about his beginnings as an apprentice […]

The French Pastry Master Baking New Mexico’s Best Baguettes — Cooking in America

– Alright, we’re going to Clafoutis, which is a traditional French bakery, patisserie, here in the high desert of New Mexico. We’re gonna be meeting with Anne and Philippe, who has traveled back and forth from France but couldn’t get New Mexico our of their heart. They’ve been here for 10 years, and now the […]

Ep 1, Pt I – King of the Cassoulet (Peasant Food Fit For Royalty)

I’m going with French food for the premiere episode of Bourbon Dinners this Saturday. When we think about such fare, many of us picture sophisticated grande cuisine served on minuscule saucers in chic Parisian restaurants. But what I’m making could push a contented belch out of the belly of a fourteenth-century farmer in southwest France. […]

Societi Bistro – Cooking Meat

Societi Bistro presents Stéfan Marais, head chef Cooking Meat Hi. Today I’m gonna show you how to cook a steak perfectly. There’s many different ways you can do it. You can grill the meat, you can pan fry it, you can cook it in butter, in oil. What I’m gonna do is, do a bit […]

DIY Macarons, Corinne VS Cooking #14

Whaddup Internet? Corinne here. And you’re watching Corinne vs. Cookin’. Today I’m gonna be tackling the Almighty MACARON, not MACAROONS. That’s not how you pronounce it. They are two different things, two different Things. Yeah, French people must be pissed about that They spent hundreds of years Perfecting this perfect little cookie Thing that takes […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today, I am in a very special kitchen, dream come true! I am filming in Southern France in Julia Child’s Cottage! Some of you may not be aware of this but Julia Child is one of my biggest inspirations, she was fearless in the kitchen and she was so passionate about […]

Perfectly Cooked Steak ! Sous-vide Hack with Beer Cooler !

Oh polling senator senator inspirational dispersion version 28 versus a mess insist that someone entryway reinigen is gonna give you the condition static item Alex welcome to French guy cooking today we will try to make the most perfectly cooked steak ever using state of the art technique like sous-vide or temperature control but don’t […]

Aligot Recipe – The cheesiest potatoes you've ever seen!!

what's going on sauce makers my name isMark and welcome to sauce stache. today we're making something fun, potatoesaligot. so have you seen the potatoes that are on Instagram, it's the cheesypotato with a crazy long cheese pull? that's a French mashed potatoessentially and that's what we're gonna be making today. let me show you […]

Classic French Chicken Supreme Recipe @Chicken Recipes

greetings Gastronauts this is Keef cooks I'm Keef and today I'm going to show you how to make chicken supreme now I remember this dish from the last century when it was very popular but I couldn't remember exactly in detail what it was or how you made it so I did some research on […]