20+ FREEZER MEALS START TO FINISH | Big Batch Freezer Cooking!

– This is a good way to start a video, huh? We got some wild and crazy hair going on. I got, look at what’s on my counter here. I got my dishes that have been drying over night. Then these bowels over, these are from all the freezer cooking I did yesterday, but wait, […]


– Hello, there. We have some freezer cooking going down. Little bit, c’mon there, pause music. Freezer cooking, definitely going down. What I am sharing with you is my Feeding My Freezer Freezer Cooking Challenge. I am leading this challenge live in this video. Whenever this video comes out, the live part of the challenge, […]

How to Cook 40 FREEZER MEALS for New Moms in ONE Evening!!

(easy guitar music) – Okay friends, so it is going down today. You know it has been several months since I have been able to really, really, really, really, I wanna say since this fall since I got super mega freezer cooking going down. I did get a small freezer cooking day of Januaryish, I […]

EXTREME FREEZER COOKING | Baked Egg Rolls, Chicken Pot Pie + Freezer Meal Recipes!

– Benjamin hi. Are you in your bouncy? You are. Now today we’re gonna bust through chicken pot pies, manicotti, sausage and rice baked, baked chicken spaghetti, pizza casserole with zucchini, orange sesame chicken and bacon egg rolls. Hey friends so it is day two of my freezer cooking. It’s not gonna be like a […]

LARGE FAMILY FREEZER MEALS | DAY ONE | Massive Freezer Cooking Meal Prep 🔪

– Hey friends! So we are really just getting started. We’re a couple hours in but we’ve been going pretty gentle for a large family style freezer cooking day. I’ve got me list of everything we’re attempting to tackle. If you’re new here I’m in my third trimester with baby Benjamin David, he is baby […]

🚨EMERGENCY Freezer Cooking | 50 FREEZER MEALS in One Evening FAIL | + How to Reheat Freezer Meals!

– It is day two, we can call it, of this freezer cooking I’ve been doing where I’ve done a total, going to have done a total of 50 meals. Let me bring you back up to speed. The last video that came out I was calling it Freezer Cooking Fails. And I had a […]

27+ BIG FAMILY FREEZER MEALS in 10 Hours! Large Family Freezer Cooking Day Two

– Okay, friends, it is day two of my super mega dedicated large family freezer cooking weekend. We had a hiccup yesterday where our sink got backed up. A metal scrub brush got sucked down the garbage disposal. Anyway, one thing led to another yesterday and it was almost like 4:30 or 5:00 and I […]

15 Dump Crockpot Chicken Freezer Meals!

and welcome to another video I got 40 pounds of chicken I got a they come fresh order if you have not seen the video where I show you what it looks like and how I process it I will leave the link in destruction description box down below today I'm going to be showing […]


welcome to the kids on you saw the look my face you so do come I have to get out of this place I sent something or never seen before when you burped on the pine up we couldn't be friends anymore hey guys welcome back to my channel I just wanted to hop on […]


hey everybody welcome back to my channel today I'm going to be sharing with you how you can cook 14 meals for $100 or less so not only am I going to share with you some of my favorite meals but I'm also going to share with you how you can build your own freezer […]