❤️ Blame It On My Youth – Jamie Cullum / Nat King Cole / Chet Baker (Alp Yener COVER)

If, I expected love, when first we kissed, blame it on my youth If, only just for you, I did exist, blame it on my youth I believed in everything Like a child of three You meant more than anything You meant all the world to me If, you were on my mind, all night […]

Pie Making Adventures: Episode 1

Hello internet, specifically the Gamingsteve message board. You know, as we look back on this year, 2011, We’ve had a lot of ups and downs. There’s been a lot of laughing, a lot of crying. But truly, one can say it has been a rather full year. Right? Wrong. We have not made pie. It […]

Hotel Transylvania 3 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys with Baby Dennis, Mavis & Johnny

toys I'm gonna go with mess Fe and sprinkles the bear no I even mama's coming home with my favorite we come on let's wait on a sidewalk the whole here she comes mama I can't wait honey this way a little bit further whoa Dennis Dennis we're home it's their first day of school […]

Colonial Cooking

hi I'm Frank Clark and I'm the supervisor of historic foodways here at the Colonial Williamsburg Museum my job is to operate two kitchens Randolph kitchen here in the governor's palace kitchen where we show folks the foods of the 18th century and the kinds of things that people had to eat and prepare the […]

How to cook poached eggs the easy way

makes the easy way hop on a water bring it to the boil once is that the boy like this turn it down to about two towards our halfway what your need is salt pepper eggs and a wine Gus no swirlin no vinegar nothing like that very straightforward so once you're down here then […]