Cooking In A Wheelchair!!! How I Do Stuff Series. Episode 8. [CC]

Hey guys. Caitriona here, the Zebra Wheelie. Welcome back to my channel. Well, it’s been a while since i started filming for my How I Do Stuff Series. And i’m finally going to finish it today. I had intended to finish it a lot earlier. But with what happened in our house, (As you know […]

Haridwar Street Food – Where to Eat in Haridwar

Uncle be careful…!!!! Today we in Haridwar Lets meet famous street food owner – DHOKLA BABA Interesting story Behinds it’s name He came here 5 years ago to become Sadhu When He tried for 1 year he realise this is not for him Then he Bought cheap cycle – start making and selling DHOKLAS He […]

SUB)내 마음의 소리를 들어요-안녕한 나의 하루

Listen to my heart  The beginning of the new year in 2020. Cold winters, warm and fragrant milk tea are love. I make tiramisu that my family likes. I used a mixture of cream cheese and mascarpone cheese. Put the fresh cream and mix well. Soak finger cookies in coffee and put neatly in a […]

Favorite Dishes by Mark Steuer from Funkenhausen | Chicago Chefs Pick Their Favorite Dishes

Honestly mostly for me dishes are all about balance I’ve never seen anyone else do this! Always perfectly cooked. My name’s Mark Steuer I’m the chef and owner of Funkenhausen Funkenhausen is a bit of a weird concept I can’t call it German or southern but we’re having fun in cooking what we want Honestly […]


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SORPOTEL- GOA`s Most Original Famous Food Authentic-Konkani Recipe-Pork dish

Hi Lets cook Sorpotel Thanks for watching, and please subscribe if you have not done so, also Spread the word “Jevon Randh” Recipes ( all 4 should be of equal quantity) : Pork Belly 400 g, Pork Kidney 400 g, Pork Liver 400 g, Pork hear 400 g Ingredients requires to grind: 7 cardamom 2 […]

A Tire Company Gives Out The Most Prestigious Food Award – Here’s Why

This Video was sponsored by Brilliant. Head over to to get 20% off your premium subscription If you’ve ever watched a racing event or have a general interest in cars and motorsport you probably recognize this little guy – the Michelin man. It’s the mascot of the French tire manufacturer Michelin – the second […]


Biscuit Chocolate Fudge White Chocolate Compound, Marie Gold Biscuits, Little Milk (Cream), Almond slices Take a Bowl, add Chocolate compound, Milk and melt the White Chocolate in Microwave for a minute and if needed another 30 seconds. Mix well every Add Almonds and let it cool for sometime Add Biscuits and mix. Keep aside for […]

Dear Bambiana: Is Tossing Your Man’s Salad The Way To His Heart?

This is from anonymous in Minneapolis, which I love it. Okay, I wanna give my man a thrill in bed. What’s a trick I can use that I can be sure none of his ex hoes has tried. For sure. This is something that I’ve tried lately, something new for me, that one of the […]