BEST MEXICAN STREET FOOD in Abudhabi – Paddock Cafe & Grills, Abu Dhabi

HI guys, How are you? Hey guys, Whats happening My name is Joel, My name is Pranav and we are from team Lokha So new restaurant, new day new day,new restaurant So today we’ll go to Paddock Cafe and Grills Hmm okay They started this restaurant recently in Abu Dhabi they’re very famous for few […]

Taste Testing Slovakian Food [Kult America]

This evening I am in a glorious country of Slovakia to taste test a little bit of Slovakian food. And some fun trivia – I am taste testing at the place that I spent my honeymoon evening. Maybe meat? Yeah, it can be meat. There’s a nice one pork steak with potato, or ragout, or […]

X-mas Dinner – Cooking for Friends – Full Episode

we’re planning a dinner for I don’t know eleven twelve people for tonight it’s gonna be bit different than the last minutes which is the Olivier is not only helping me he is taking over quite a few of the dishes we didn’t draw it out yet but I’m gonna draw it out later because […]

Cooking – Part 1|| Chicken Marinate || Chicken Masala Recipe – with English subtitles.

Hi Friends Today we have brought to you chicken masala recipe. This video is divided into two parts. Firstly we will show you how to marinate chicken in part1. In second part, we will tell you how to prepare chicken gravy. So lets start with Part – I. We will show how to marinate chicken. […]

Arabic Food in Karachi | Mutton Mandi | Madfoon , Madbee & Kunafa | Pakistani Food

Salam my name is Zia Tabarak… …and right now I’m at Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi. I read a lot of messages & comments from you guys… …saying we’ve seen Nihari, Kebabs & Biryani & now we want something different. Arabic dishes are really trending right now in Karachi… And “Mandi House” tops the chart for Arabic […]


WE MADE MOST EPIC CHICKEN EVER – DRUMSTICKS – Outdoor COOKING a beautiful morning making of outdoor firepit putting pan on fire and add canola cooking oil add chicken legs in hot cooking oil add water now add salt, chili powder, coriander powder and black pepper powder in chicken add mozzarella cheese in now fry […]

BDSM Food Porn Star – Mini-Mocks

– [Eden] Don’t play with your food is good advice, so I don’t play with mine, I dominate it. I’m Eden and I make BDSM food porn. People think this is just food play, but it’s more than that. I’m humiliating food to relish the power relationship I have with it. You like that you […]

Turkish Cuisine vs Greek Cuisine

They call it rizogalo. ‘Riz’ means rice and ‘gala’ is milk. For us, the most popular would be ‘baklava’ would be ‘kataifi’, I mean… and ‘galaktoboureko’. Something that I didn’t find very often in Turkey the one that is filled, it’s phyllo and filled with the cream custard – Yeah, we had in the Black […]

Bushcraft Spicy Beef Steak – Outdoor Cooking

Bushcraft Spicy Beef Steak – Outdoor Cooking kitchen with bachelors episode 26 beef steak adding salt black pepper powder cumin seeds chili powder making of outdoor kitchen making fire adding oil in pan steak with spices changing the side of steak please subscribe our channel and click on bell icon medium rare steak is ready