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Oh everyone I'm JJ mannequins host of jaycation and Billy Kennish and today we're going to go through my top five favorite Spanish and Catalan foods to try while in Barcelona Spain let's start with number five jamon and cheese my favorite hormone is distinguished light piece of ham jamon iberico with Manchego cheese now […]

WTF?! The pressure is on! S2 Ep4 – In The Kitchen With Kate

hey guys I mean Alex are back with another episode of WTF episode 4 Alex might be in the lead yeah I'm leading 3 9 to 1 we just have the 3rd episode is what I mean it's 2-1 to me so I'm not getting too cocky just yes we know it can swing either […]

Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein Hits Up Dallas’ Underground Food Scene || InstaChef

shift left inside of Dallas Texas there's a lot of competition I've smell it in the air the big day we came for the food we came for the chefs we came for the good time it's the chef Dallas smoke goes out I'm put into the chef's dollars texture maybe welcome to instachat we're […]

Spanish recipes From the Source (part 1) – Lonely Planet

Trying American Candy from a Subscriber – In The Kitchen With Kate

hey guys me and Alex are back and this week we're trying more American candy but this box is super special yeah we're really excited about this one because this one was submitted by one of our subscribers she's really active in the comments which is awesome she follows us on Instagram and we have […]

Hawaiian Desserts & Eating Jollibee the CORRECT WAY!!!

good morning oh oh wow the big one [Applause] good morning guys it's another day in Hawaii which means another day to explore Oh Andy takes and what are we doing so we're gonna go get some breakfast first this is my outfit breakfast whoa like the flower and then I put some running shoes […]

फेमस रगडा – पाव पॅटीस | Ragda Patties | Street Food | Indian Street Food | Recipe | Mumbai


what's up everybody welcome back to my youtube channel it's finally here high-protein vegan meal prep I'm excited we're gonna get straight into it today I will show you let me just show you this over here I like to call it vibrance and nutrition so many vegetables these are recipes we're gonna be absolutely […]