Joojeh Kabob – BBQ Jooje Kabab – Flame Grilled Chicken – Persian Cuisine جوجه کباب


Action Bronson & Mario Batali: Mr. Wonderful Inspired Cuisine

From Queens. Sure am. I’m Brooklyn all day. That’s right, we right, we connected. Trying to break my arm off. We right, we right here with the you know what. That’s right. Oh. I seen you doin those squats back there! We need to talk after. You know! That’s. That, that’s how you start off […]

24 HRS Tips: Pan Seared Trout | Season 1 | GORDON RAMSAY’S 24 HOURS TO HELL & BACK

Pan seared trout, a succotash with a touch of heat, and a Cajun aioli. Lightly floured, skin side down. That’s going to protect the trout. You’ll flip it and put that in the oven literally one minute, yes? Right. Succotash– what’s the secret behind a great succotash? That’s right, the seasoning. You have the heat, […]


Howdy folks hows it going welcome to my virgin kitchen today we’re gonna make some sun dried tomato and avocado balsamic bruschetta oh my goodness – you’re gonna love it! Looks amazing right and i’d like to thank the wigs community on YouTube this is their channel if you wanna check em out and subscribe […]


Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon, and today we are going to make this beautiful gingerbread house complete with two storeys, lights inside this area, we’ve got lollies inside this half, a tree and there’s even a little pond out the back. And also, yes we’re doing a giveaway so you have […]

Seafood Adventure 2018 | Otago Polytechnic

I think Dusky Sound is a very enchanted place. Enriching. Grounding. Fantastic. Beautiful. Mind-altering. For us Dusky Sound, Breaksea Sound area and the remote southern parts of Fiordland are very unique because they are so remote. You’re in the middle of nowhere, no cell phone reception, no touch to civilisation and that makes it a […]


Howdy folks hows it going welcome to my virgin kitchen today i’m showing you how to make some caramel popcorn as requested by Kamal Ellilaf what an amazing name. Looks amazing right now I love popcorn as much as anyone I love it nearly as much as I love Mrs Barry so i’m in Her […]

How to Make Matty Matheson’s “Guaranteed To Get You Laid” Lasagna

You should never date anyone who doesn’t like lasagna. If you don’t like lasagna, you’re probably an idiot, and you probably vote for people that you shouldn’t vote for. I’m Matty Matheson, the host of Keep it Canada, and you’re in my apartment. Again, to show you how to make lasagna. See all this stuff? […]

E21 DIY makeup with food! Can’t I be both genius and pretty?| Ms Yeah

Pasaste la noche en vela ? Prepara ahora mismo, salimos en una hora. Ms Yeah, le invitamos a la Fiesta de Super Creator celebrado por Weibo, el 16 de julio. harina de arroz glutinoso , madroño , jalea , salsa de tomate , aceite de sesamo , malvaviscos , fruta de dragon , rocklets , […]

Winter is Coming | Carrot Salad | Fishing Kitchen | ASMR Mediterranean

“RIBOLOVAČKA KUHINJA” Blizu do King Lendinga postoji mjesto gdje ni Sersi ne smije zakoračiti sa svojom gardom. Mjesto puno legendarnih priča o čuvenim herojima izgubljenim u potrazi za svojom slavom. Mjesto puno sa nepoznatim, nepredvidljivim i opasnim životinjama. Mjesto gdje je Ludi Kralj bacao svoje žrtve Tu živi samo jedan čovjek koji još nije svijestan […]