Tibetan Food in Shigatse – TRADITIONAL BREAKFAST in Tibet!

– Good morning, hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Shigatse, which is one of the major cities and major areas of Tibet, with Travel China and Tibet Tours. Today, we are gonna go on a food tour. A local Shigatse Tibetan food tour. We’re gonna eat some of the local […]

Huge Tibetan Food – SHEEP HEAD + 11 Traditional Dishes in Lhasa, Tibet!

– Good morning, hope you’re having an amazing day, it’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Lhasa, Tibet, with Travel China Tibet Tours, and today we have a special invitation to go to a local Tibetan family home, and they’re gonna prepare for us, they’re gonna cook for us, I think it’s over 10 different local, authentic […]

Street Food Japan – DANCING SQUID SASHIMI + BEST Seafood and Noodle Tour of Hokkaido, Japan!

– Incredible! (soft drum music) Oh! Oh my goodness, that is just crazy! And, this is not alive, but I’m a little nervous, to be honest. It’s still moving, just sliced. But, is it gonna suction on to my throat? Oh, it’s sucking. Okay, let’s go for it, guys. All right, check it out guys, […]

TRADITIONAL Peruvian Food: 12 AMAZING Cuisines You HAVE to Try in LIMA & CUSCO | Peru Travel Vlog

Hey there world travelers. Hey y’all. I’m Tanya and I’m Dave and we are Turn It Up World and, if you haven’t already, if you’re new here, please be sure to hit that subscribe button, and press that notification bell, so that you can keep up with all of our travels and adventures when we […]

STREET FOOD in MEXICO | Mexico City street food tour | Best TOSTADAS in Mexico City + quesadillas

today we’re in Mexico City and we’re here to eat this Mexico City series is all about sharing with you some of the best spots to eat in this amazing city Mexico City is a megalopolis with a dynamic culinary scene this is our second video from Mexico City and we’re hunting down the best […]

Amazing Thai Food – Best JUNGLE FOOD in Chonburi, Thailand! | สุดยอดอาหารป่า

– Hey, everyone. It’s Mark Wiens. I am in Chonburi, Thailand, about an hour and a half outside of Bangkok in the countryside not far from Pattaya, and this is a restaurant that is well known. It’s actually in the middle of nowhere, but they are known for serving traditional and especially jungle Thai food. […]

GOD LEVEL Chinese Food With MY FAMILY!!! INSANE Chinese Food Tour With 7 FOOD RANGER FAMILY!

– Alright, check it out guys. This is Trevor James. I am with my family. We’ve got Tseng’s parents and brother. And my parents here, we’re in Guangzhou, China and today is an ultra special occasion. We are gonna be having a Cantonese food adventure. Let’s check it out. (laughing) Get ready for Cantonese food […]

Most UNIQUE Street Food Japan – SPIKY Crab BREAKFAST + Seafood Tour of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan!

– Beast mode! – Beast mode. – Beast mode! – This is- – Fisherman’s party – Fisherman’s party? – Yeah – Yeah – At Bibi – Yes. – Yeah. – Wow. Arigato gozaimasu. (all cheering) – Thank you Chef Akira. (speaking Japanese) (laughing) – All right check it out guys, it’s Trevor James. We just […]

Greek scrambled eggs | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

Hello lovely people of YouTube and welcome to my kitchen once again! Today, I have wonderful news for you because we will make Greek-way scrambled eggs, called Strapatsada or Kayiana! It’s perfect for breakfast, brunch, a quick snack, or even for a meal! Serve it with some freshly baked bread and everyone will be impressed! […]

Ellen Just Found the Best New Thing on the Internet

tWitch, you know how you asked me if I knew of any good food critics online? Well, I found one. This guy, he watches shows, and he comments on them. I love him so much. Please enjoy. OK, so 7 Up, main ingredient. Mm, marsh– oh, child. That look like some phlegm up in somebody […]