Imperial Piccata Chicken | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

Hello boys and girls out there in YouTube land! Welcome to Akis kitchen! Today I will share with you, my very special chicken recipe. I call it Imperial piccata Mediterranean chicken because I can’t describe this amazing chicken only with one word… so follow my instructions and you will love it! As always let’s begin […]

Ty The Pie Guy: Kids + Comedy + Cooking = Fun!

1 2 3 Hi, I’m Ty the Pie Guy. And I’m here to teach you how to cook delicious and nutritious meals at home. I know cooking can be scary. And some foods are gross. But I want to make spending time in the kitchen an activity that everyone can enjoy. Each episode my friends […]

how to make a reuben sandwich-how to make a reuben sandwich at home

do you want know how to make reuben sandwich in a very simple way?let me to tell you the most important and the better way to do are some ways you can follow to make delicious and tasty best reuben sandwich. Ingredients 2 tablespoons butter 8 slices rye bread 8 slices deli sliced corned […]


Okay, guys! Welcome back. Day six of our exploration of Ireland. We are continuing the West Cork food trail. We are now 30 miles south of Cork in Kinsale, which is the southern most stop on the Wild Atlantic Way and the seafood capital of Ireland. So today we are going to try our luck. […]

Su Böreği Nasıl Yapılır

Water Pastry (Water Börek) – a salty baklava-like pastry with cheese filling.. Hello.. Welcome to my Mother’s Recipes Ingredients: 4 cups of flour Half a kilo of feta cheese 5 eggs 125g butter Salt We are gonna make “Su Böregi” means Water Pastry which is one of the most common pastry types in Turkey. Water […]

Planting Chocolate Trees Episode #3: Tablea Hot Chocolate Recipes

Welcome to episode #3 of Planting Chocolate Trees Today we’ll give you an overview of how Tablea is made And also show you some recipes that you can follow We started off from the cacao pod and when we harvest you will see There are two processes from there So some actually just sun dry […]

How to Quickly Peel, Seed and Cut a Butternut Squash / Cooking Tips & Tricks, Tutorial

How to peel and cut a butternut squash Using a very sharp chef’s knife Slowly cut each end without cutting too much into the flesh (be careful because the flesh is firm) Peel the squash with a vegetable peeler (like the one in the video) Cut just above the base (the round part that contains […]

Ugly food: a solution to food wastage?

We buy the plants, we get the ground ready. We’re waiting two or three months before we finally get it there. We’ll be waiting the whole season to make money. And then you can just get a hail storm that will clean you up. It’s coming close to harvest time for Hawkesbury farmer Manuel Cherry. […]

How To Eat Yourself To Death (World’s 10 Deadliest Foods)

Hey Thoughty2 here. In large quantities raw cashew nuts can be fatal. They contain a toxin called urushiol. Even cashew nuts sold as raw cashews in super markets have been steamed to remove the dangerous chemical. But cashew nuts are child’s play, some foods can kill you with a single bite, even when cooked. 1. […]