Beth’s Cappuccino Muffin Recipe | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH

– Hey guys. Today we are gonna be making some delicious cappuccino muffins. This is a great one for any of you coffee lovers out there and they also have a little bit of chocolate chips in them as well. They become a real conversation piece when you bake them in these really adorable newspaper […]

Soup Recipes & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Hey guys I’m back this week with another entertaining menu for you. And you’ll be happy to know, we’ve gone back to the old format. So thank you so much for all your comments, it was great to hear that so many of you like the long format better, personally truth be told, I like […]

FRESH PASTA ALLA CHITARRA | with Pancetta and Peas

Hey everyone, today we’re gonna make pasta alla chitarra with pancetta and fresh peas. Let’s start by prepping some of our ingredients. Thinly slice some of your red onion, cleaned a few garlic cloves and mince them up, then pick and finely chop your flat leaf parsley. Next grab your pancetta and cut the pieces […]

How to Make Edible Dessert Cups | Dessert Ideas | POPSUGAR Cookbook

and press your guests and make your desserts a lot more interesting by putting them in edible sweet cups I'm talking about putting your puddings cakes candies frostings anything and a little edible cup so that the entire thing is your dessert the first one that I want to show you is an ice cream […]

Easy Monkey Bread Recipe | Dessert Ideas | POPSUGAR Cookbook

monkey bread known as pull apart bread puzzle bread or just get in my mouth bread is a sticky sweet creation from the 50s it's also a classic for breakfast brunch or dessert and it's super simple to make the first thing that you want to do is pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees and […]

How to Cook Artichokes | Food How To

so if you're anything like me I used to only order artichokes in restaurants because they were a little too scary to deal with I mean look at them you see them at the market they look like these hard pokey cactus things with little spikes but I finally learned how easy they are to […]

How to Make McDonald's French Fries Recipe at Home | Get the Dish

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookie Dessert Cups | Get the Dish

How to Cook an Entire Meal in the Dishwasher | Eat the Trend

have you guys heard of this trend cooking your food in the dishwasher sounds a little crazy right well our team put it to the test and we're gonna find out for ourselves here in LA at PopSugar studios and I have plenty of guinea pigs to see if you can really make a delicious […]