Alice Pretend Princess & Plays Cooking Food with Kitchen Toy

today is a good day! I’ll go make juice for my sister it is very tasty and useful good morning Isabel ! good morning sister ! this juice for you thank you! I’ll make Breakfast for my sister. first I’ll make smoothies now I’ll make a cake what happened? Oops! what are you doing? I […]


– [Kids] Goo Goo Colors. Goo Goo Colors. (bell ringing) – Food truck, food truck, food truck. Come and get some food. (bell ringing) Food truck, food truck, food truck. – Did someone say food? (upbeat music) (car screeches) – Hello. How may I help you? – Might I have some food, please? – Okay, […]

Wendy Pretend Play BAKING Donuts & Cupcake toys with DISNEY Princess Belle Kitchen

Alice helps Daddy Cooking with Kitchen Play Set

yes yes I'm coming okay thank you I'll drink pasta I promise cooking my guests now you do what I say okay [Applause] my videos and please away

Learn Food Names with a Toy Kitchen Playset and Velcro Foods!

Emma Pretend Play with Minnie Mouse Costume Kitchen & Food Truck Toys

Ryan Pretend Play Cooking Food with Peppa Pig Kitchen Playset!!!

dessert is coming up daddy oh that must be the birthday cake use your birthday muffins happy birthday I always want my birthday with birthday welcome sir I enjoy my meal hi guys it's dad's birthday and we're having a picnic to celebrate his birthday thank you I love birthday party look at that lots […]

Suri Pretend Play w/ McDonalds Drive Thru Fast Food Kids Toys

아 아 아 아 아 아 아 dee dee open 으 오 오 오 오 오 오 오 달라요 woo woo we got to weep here we ep 5 over 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 더빙 뱃지 키야마 [음악] the two [음악] we 5 5 2 2 2 5 5 […]