Healthy Food For All: A Community Food Security Plan

Hi, my name is Nancy Williams. I serve as the president and CEO for No More Empty Pots. My name is Mariel Harding and I am the director of health and food security at the United Way of the Midlands. My name is Craig Howell, I direct the Alliance for a Better Omaha. I’m Kerry […]

Good Food Changes Lives: Sherry’s Story

Before I came here to FoodFit, I had medical issues. I used to take over 13 pills in the morning for breakfast. Being obese, my doctor finally said, “Look it’s do or die,” and that was literal. I said I wanted to be there for my grandkids. So I started off doing it for them […]

Food Security

Serwa is a farmer in Africa. Every day, she works long hours tending a small plot of land. She hopes to grow enough crops to keep her children from going hungry and sell what’s left for a fair price. But it’s a fragile lifeline. Crop disease, unstable markets, or a few weeks without rain could […]

Food Irradiation and the Changing Climate

throughout history insects have posed challenges by spreading diseases by damaging crops and by affecting environments causing damage that amounts to more than seventy billion dollars a year with climate change insects are now moving into areas where previously they could not survive this means authorities must implement strict quarantine measures across international boundaries and […]

Recipes for Change: Vietnamese sour catfish soup

Singapore chef Bjorn Shen is a culinary rebel who likes to reinvent traditional dishes but here on a trip to vietnam food heartland the mekong delta he hopes to preserve local foods especially those being threatened by climate change salinity levels are rising because the seas are rising and flowing into the rivers and thereby […]

Science: The basis of our Food Safety work