KOSHY’S BEST BREAKFAST DISHES| Mutton Cutlet, Appam Stew, English Brekkie… Exclusive KITCHEN TOUR

Mmmh! This is so tasty! I think eggs are probably the most comforting food known to man. That egg takes the Appam and Stew to a whole new level! In the fast-paced world that we live in, where the old is constantly making way for the new… … it’s great to have institutions that root […]

The MONSTER WAGYU burger loved from Akihabara to Yokosuka Base

What’s up you guys, it’s King-chan and An-chan here with Yummy Japan. We’re here at Henry’s Burger. Before we get started man, how’s my beard coming along? Hey man, it’s looking pretty nice! What about mine? It’s getting kind of thick. I’m jealous but let’s get back to it. Let’s get back to it, it’s […]

Hostess Sno Balls Review – Playing with our Food

Today on Food Snot we are going to play with our food .. Sno Balls from Hostess It’s time for Food Snot Hi, I’m Tom Cote and I am the Food Snot. hey you guys.. first off we want to thank you guys because we hit 10,000 subscribers because of you guys – thank you […]

MARATHA STYLE NON VEGETARIAN Food | MARATA DARSHAN | Naati Koli Saaru, Mutton Chops & More!

Maratha cuisine in Namma Bengaluru, that’s what we’re going to check out in this episode of… … Gourmet On The Road. So, stay tuned till the very end. This is the Chilli Chicken done Karnataka style. The look of happiness, that’s what happiness looks like. You know, sometimes when you are having the Kheema Unde… […]

Exciting Street Food Trail VV Puram PT 2 | AVAREKALU VADA, OBBATTU, Badam Milk, FIRE PAAN & More

Hi folks, welcome to the 2nd part of my VV Puram food street tour, Bengaluru’s most… … popular street food haunt. Ten rupees for a plate of Idli, where can you get food that’s… … as honestly priced as this. This is a sort of steamy hot snack that you can have just… … by […]

Bengaluru’s Popular VV PURAM FOOD STREET PT 1 | VB BAKERY, Mosaru Kodubale, Bajji Chaats Chai & More

I’ve never tasted a capsicum, a whole capsicum in a bajji before. Mmmh! Oh that’s a loaded Dahi Puri! Hi folks, we’re in Bengaluru, in VV Puram Food Street also popularly known… … locally as Thindi Beedi or a lane where you can find all sorts of deliciousness. So, if you’re looking for vegetarian street […]

Big Fish Head Curry Tour – MALAYSIAN STREET FOOD in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

– Good morning. I hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. I’m in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And one of the tastiest parts or sections of the fish is the fish head because you’ve got all those little oozy bits. You get to dig out the little crevices of meat. Locally, it’s known as […]


You know that potato chip makes me smile. I really feel that the flavour here is all in the rice. -Yes. It’s delicious. So we are here in Gachigowli and we are for… … Ulavacharu which is one of Ravi’s favourite restaurants. Yes, absolutely. So we are here at Ulavacharu and Ravi… … this restaurant […]

Nagarjuna Vs Meghana Foods|Tasting Bengaluru’s Most Popular Andhra Biryanis|Mutton & Chicken Biryani

As soon as you place the rice in your mouth, it gives up all its flavours! This meat certainly has the flavour all the way to the bone! Hi folks, this is Kripal Amanna and welcome to another episode of Gourmet On The Road. And today we are going to be exploring… … especially the […]