Preparing Salt Pork – 18th Century Cooking Series S1E5

As we talked about in earlier videos, pork was one of the most common and popular meats in the 18th century. It was one of the meats that would be supplied in rations for soldiers. It was a common thing for sailors and the entire population. Pork was salted so that it would last any […]

Making jalapeno pickled eggs, step by step

Hey there I’m Ashley, the Alaska Urban Hippie. Today I’m making jalapeno pickled eggs and I’ll show you how. So I’ve got my recipe. The recipe calls for 11 eggs, distilled white vinegar, salt, pickling spices, and jalapenos in their juice. I’ve got everything here, ready to go. The first step is boiling the eggs. […]

Making Homemade Pickles Is Easier Than You Might Think | You Can Cook That |

– Pickles! Making a pickle is easier than you may think and in this step-by-step video we are gonna show you the simple method. What is pickling? Simply put, pickling preserves foods by immersion in a vinegar brine or a salt water brine to suppress microbes that cause food to rot. Depending on the method […]

Food Swap

bringing the people behind our food to life my friend Emily and I started a group about two years ago to have local local women get together and just swap ideas and information and to learn about how to cook things and eat well live well be sustainable recently our group had talked about a […]

Switchel: The Old Fashioned Energy Drink

hey everybody its Carolyn from homesteading family and Here I am in grandma's kitchen excited to tell you guys about the original healthy summer drink today we're gonna be talking about switch all you will feel so much better about giving this to your children after that soccer game then you will any of those […]

Meal Planning on the Homestead