Houston Food Bank’s Food Scholarship Program

my name is Dominique Guinn I’m getting my doctorate in health studies at Texas Woman’s University and I’m a recipient of the food scholarship program the food scholarship is a program that Texas Woman’s University has in partnership with Houston Food Bank that helps students supplement their food you know it’s all types of food […]

Iseult Ward – The app that's ending food waste

I think it starts off with a frustration seeing to such obvious problems that you feel could really solve each other so many people have decided to share our vision and our mission to create a world where no good food goes to waste we've all learned an awful lot about how to expand into […]

1 Like = 1 Free Meal for the Hungry!

like this video it's that easy because if you'd like this video box punch is going to give a hungry American a free meal that is how you can effortlessly give and that's what this video is all about so I wanted to get that out of the way because it is the easiest way […]

Meals Per Hour

I love to work but I also like to put smiles on people's faces if there's a child out there that's in need I need to help this person out we down to our last box and you have like seven families standing on the line and you just have that one box and you […]

10th Annual Rackspace Thanksgiving Food Drive

this is the tenth year of the Thanksgiving food drive and when I think back through all those 10 years about the volume of people that we've served we know that we've given out over 10,000 vouchers to feed a family but if you think about families as let's say a group of four that's […]