Homewood Heritage – cooking on a cast iron range

Welcome to Homewood! I’m David This is my wife, Penelope and we’d like to show you our stove This is a cast-iron stove all the business parts are cast-iron: the cooking plates, top, the doors, the front, and all the oven panels are cast-iron Cast-iron is very suitable for making stoves out of, it’s the […]

Gipsy Kings – Bamboleo (Arthur Baker Club Edit)

Este amor llega asi esta manera No tiene la culpa Caballo le ven sabana Porque muy depreciado, Por eso no te perdon de llorar Este amor llega asi esta manera No tiene la culpa, Amor de comprementa Amor del mes pasado Bebele, bembele, bembele Bebele, bembele, bembele Bamboleo, bambolea Porque mi vida, yo la prefiero […]

An interview with Hak Baker for The Selector Radio

Yeah hello I am Hak Baker and this is me today on The Selector playing a couple of tunes. I grew up in East London, Isle of Dogs, proper old-school East London. That’s why I always tend to write about the good times with my mates, so like our childhood and teenagerhood really which was […]

David Holt Interview: Etta Baker Piedmont Blues

Edda baker of caldwell county north carolina has been playing guitar for more than 80 years and shows signs of slowing down in the future Etta's soft melodic sound offers us a glimpse back into the pre blue styles that would have been popular in african-american communities before the turn of the century it wasn't […]