Turmeric Tonic | Praveen Nair | Maahek Nair

hi guys a very warm welcome to bodyprocoach Nutrition. I am maahek nair and today I’m going to be sharing you my secret detox drink so whenever I go on a detox I usually make this drink and it is excellent healing drink extremely tasty and highly nutritious let’s quickly go and see the recipe […]

PROCESSED FOODS: 7 reasons why they aren’t good for you (science-backed)

We hear that processed foods aren’t good for us. But why exactly aren’t they good for us? I’m going to tackle that question in this video and I’m also going to talk about the differences between whole foods, minimally processed foods and heavily processed foods. If you’re interested, keep watching. Hello hello! Welcome back to […]

Push Ups on Red Bull Cans | Whitney’s Kitchen Gymnastics

Hello folks and welcome to Kitchen Gymnastics! I’m your host, Whitney Bjerken and today I am going to be doing Red Bull Push Ups. Now, I don’t normally drink Red Bull But when I do I drink Red Bull So, basically what I am doing is I am going to put my hands here, my […]

VEGANS vs MEAT EATERS – Who Will Live Longer? Food / Diet Comparison

We’ve all experienced it. We invite a friend to dinner, only to learn that she is the dreaded V-word. We have a vague sense of what it means, but we’re left with so many questions? Is it healthier? Will you sit on my leather couch? Can we still go to Taco Bell? In a world […]

Why are people so Healthy in Japan?

When it comes to health, weight of course is not everything, but since there are so many health complications from being overweight or obese, it’s safe to say that Japan with an obesity rate of 3.5% is generally healthier than America with an obesity rate of 30%. Japan isn’t perfect, it has found itself on […]

Beneto’s Crowdfunding Campaign! Join the food revolution #benetarier

As a fitness enthusiast I had an idea: at the beginning of my master studies a question was haunting me: how can I cover my daily protein dose without having to rely on conventional animal protein sources? Beneto is a conjoined term from the italian ‘bene’ for good and ‘to’ as a more convenient abbreviation […]

The CrossFit Kitchen: Kickin’ Like Van Damme Chicken

Hey there. If you guys wanna knock out your meal prep, you know, get it out of the way, then stick around for my kickin’ like Van Damme chicken fingers with parsnip purée. Go ahead and gather these ingredients: 12 slices thinly sliced bacon, 2 large chicken breasts, 2 red bell peppers, 1 jalapeño, cilantro […]


Well, apparently, I’ve been told we’re testing out junk food? I’m a bit nervous, I’m expecting some big monster plate of something… … that’ll make me really fat all of a sudden Oh, no… Okay? Do you know when you die and you go to heaven, you’re probably greeted with one of these (laughs) It […]

Turnip Mashed Potatoes Recipe – Southern Queen of Vegan Cuisine 12/328


Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel and to another Get it All Done video. You guys seemed to love the last one, so here’s another one. It’s basically just me going about my day trying to do all of the tasks that I need to for my family of five. So I’m starting out […]