How to Cook Protein in Bulk – Chicken & Beef Meal Prep / Cocer Proteína en Grandes Cantidades

what’s going on y’all and welcome back to the fit men cook kitchen today’s video is going to be a little bit different it is going to be a step-by-step walkthrough video it’s one of those how-to videos i haven’t done one of these in a long time and with all other recipe writing that […]

Kicks n’ Grub – Nike Viptech AM90 Smoothie Bowl

Meal Prep – Jamie Oliver’s Spicy Salmon Patties

what up guys and welcome back to the fittin in cook kitchen for today’s quickie recipe video I have got a wonderful one for you today it’s actually inspired by an IG post that I made a few months back and then I recently revisited it and everyone said Camp you got to make a […]

Meal Prep – Gluten-free Walnut Zucchini Bread

what up guys and welcome back to the pitman cook kitchen for today’s meal prep quickie recipe we’ve got a gluten-free version for you today we are making a zucchini walnut bread that sounds so basic when I said it okay I’m gonna try to make this sound a lot more exciting today we are […]

Meal Prep – Cheesy Chicken Meatballs Recipe with Orzo

so in lieu of today's joke were actually going to do a little bit of celebrating so if you recognize that last week we were off and we did not post any recipes that's because our videographer Jessie had an amazing beautiful little boy so shout out right now to the new homie to fit […]

Meal Prep – 20 minute Orange Chicken Fried Rice

testing testing I don't want you to laugh oh I'm not gonna laugh I'm not gonna let these I'm a professional please can you tell me why oranges wear suntan lotion no I can't I'm sorry I wither wear sunblock no I can't because they peel that was really good that was pretty good in […]

$75 Epic Meal Prep 2016 – 5 meals for 5 days

what is going on y'all I'm so excited for today's video because it is time for another epic meal prep video where we show that eating healthy is both affordable and practical so just like last time I'm gonna take your grocery shopping I'm going to show you what I'm going to buy and I'm […]

Arugula Pesto Salad Recipe with Shrimp

what up guys and welcome back to the fit min cook kitchen for today's quick recipe we have got an amazing one and it comes just in time for the warmer weather we're gonna be making a delicious summer salad with arugula pesto and some shrimp so here is the inspiration behind today's video I've […]

Meal Prep – Scallops & East African Potato Mash

okay first off did you hear the joke about the tooth so not sure if sudden y'all heard the story about the scallop and the clam they actually ended up getting married and it surprised everybody but after six months they ended up getting divorce guess the reason they were shellfish what a jerk Jesse […]