Chili-Lime Salmon with Mango Salsa – CookIN’ Gone Wild S1E8 | Indiana DNR

Welcome to CookIN’ Gone Wild, today we’ll be cooking a chili-lime salmon with mango salsa. This recipe is really simple. I’ve already put some lime juice on the salmon. I’m going to add some olive oil and then I have a mixture of cumin, chili powder, and paprika. The first thing, I’m going to drizzle […]

Fish Tacos – CookIN’ Gone Wild S1E9 | Indiana DNR

Welcome to CookIN’ Gone Wild. I’m your host, Michelle Cain, and today we’ll be cooking Fish Tacos. For our fish tacos today we’re going to make a really simple sauce. What we have here is plain yogurt, we’re going to add some mayonnaise to that, about a tablespoon and a half. Some spices – in […]

How to Make Coconut Cream Pie | Stacy Lyn Harris

Hey, I’m Stacy Lyn. Today I’m making coconut cream pie. You are gonna love it. [Music] Stacy Lyn. Savor the good life. One of the reasons I love it is because it’s a custard base and you can make 3 different pies, if not more than that, out of this base. You can make a […]

Recipe: Carp Cajun

When it comes to carp recipes, mostly what you’ll get from people are jokes. But carp can make great eating…all you need is a terrific recipe! And that’s what we have today…a dish that combines the healthy benefits of fish with the pizzaz of cajun spices! You’ll need two cups of the flaked, cooked carp. […]

Catch n’ Cook Peacock Bass on a Jon Boat!

what is cookin guys today we are you presume we’re fishing for a peacock bass or do Kannada as they say get to our spot and all lay it out we are guys back down here in são Paulo Brazil ah for those of you who are braiding in my channel my girlfriend is Brazilian […]

Marsaxlokk port & market – Maltese cuisine (Traveline in Malta)

The southern region of Malta is normally not on the main route for tourists, that have Valletta and Mdina… …and the beach areas of the North as the main destinations. But missing the colourful and peculiar port of Marsaxlokk would be a complete mistake,… …especially when the Maltese cuisine highlights are fish dishes. – They […]

Venison Bourguignon with Stacy Harris – Venison Stew

I’m gonna be making venison bourguignon all that is is peasant stew all I have here to use really the ingredients are onions and some carrots some parsley garlic a little bit of tomato paste thyme and some bacon renderings and I’m gonna put bacon in it too so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna […]

Classic WoW: Fishing and Cooking, 1-300, Horde Guide

Fishing is a skill that can easily be over looked, because frankly…it’s boring. However, your Cooking skill is something that should not be over looked; so in this guide I’m going to show Horde players how you can easily level both your fishing and cooking skills simultaneously to 300. Fishing and Cooking are two of […]

Catch n’ Cook Aquarium Fish!

guys I have a turtle I literally have a churro right now if maybe this is a Brazil way of fishing where you just throw lines up and then you come back and check up look at this we got a turtle guys what is cookin guys check out this pier behind me I want […]