Catch and Cook – SUCKER FISH?! Do They Taste Good?

hey what is up y'all I'm currently back in Delaware as you guys know last video I was up at the Poconos they got like so much snow there as you can see here in Delaware we did get some snow as well just like not nearly what they got out there in the Poconos […]

Catch and Cook: DELICIOUS Dungeness Crab on the Rocks!!

and at the gym again been a while since I've been out here doesn't look like there's anybody out here today so I've got these crab snares that I'm gonna be using homemade I feel like if you can make your own crab snares your chances of catching crab are 10 times better than they […]

Catch, Cook, Eat! BLUE CRABS!! How To Catch & Eat Crabs!

all right today we're going to be taking all these crap awesome you're going to be buying chicken next and go crabbing so basically if you guys want to see what we're using right quick this is called a crab pot so basically this local farm it opens up here and you can put your […]

Cooking Jumbo Perch Lakeside (Catch & Cook)

I wanted this trip to be all about new experiences going on the East Coast trip is something I've always wanted to do now let's see where it takes us my wallets gone the series is going great yesterday was an amazing day we killed it in Toronto we caught some fish somebody must have […]

Survival skills: Primitive skills catch fish at the stream – Cooking fish in bamboo eating delicious


welcome home sweetheart goodness what are you okay so how many do we set out six traps how many do you think we got two I'll say three I think we got three so well we're back at the farm ladies and gentlemen welcome back and we set some mouse traps so we got to […]


Catch n' Cook WILD Rainbow Trout!

really all right we gotta go dude I got to do a catch and cook on one season good morning welcome back to another episode of mavar we do hunting fishing camping everything outdoors today we're gonna be fishing in the middle of the North Woods we're up by the Canadian border right now on […]

Survival skills: Build stone trap catch fish at the stream – Cooking fish for eating delicious

Food Chain Fishing Challenge 2 – Tiny Crabs to Giant Eagle Ray

the first thing we have to do today for the food chain challenge is to catch Sansa this now these are little crabs that live in the sand they're right underneath my feet right now I'm going to use this steel grape mesh or just Santa regular what we call it and we're going to […]