Guys let’s start this video off with a giveaway My friends over at venture frog are giving away the first 50 people who watched this video a grenade Let’s start this video off with the giveaway guys my friends over at adventurer frog are giving away a grenade for the first 50 people who watches […]

Catch n’ Cook Peacock Bass on a Jon Boat!

what is cookin guys today we are you presume we’re fishing for a peacock bass or do Kannada as they say get to our spot and all lay it out we are guys back down here in são Paulo Brazil ah for those of you who are braiding in my channel my girlfriend is Brazilian […]

Catch n’ Cook Aquarium Fish!

guys I have a turtle I literally have a churro right now if maybe this is a Brazil way of fishing where you just throw lines up and then you come back and check up look at this we got a turtle guys what is cookin guys check out this pier behind me I want […]

Eating PIG FISH + HUMMUS with Fishermen in Ancient Tyre! | Amazing Mediterranean Food!

– Hey everyone, hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. We just arrived to a city called Tyre, which locally is known as Sour, which is an ancient Phoenician city on the coast of southern Lebanon. This city is famous for being a fishing port. It’s been inhabited for thousands of years, and […]

Catch n’ Cook SPICY Crawfish and WILD Trout!

What is going on guys I hope you guys having a great day How about we go do some fishing check this out. There’s this beautiful river here. This river is Full of trout the water is clear Crawdads should be out It’s a warm day today, but not too hot which usually means the […]

Catch n’ Cook BIG, FAT Tilapia!

what’s going on guys let’s make a cast to this boat ramp here first cast of the day whoa whoa right there right there oh look at that I just paused it right before her brought it out of the water this little peacock bass came over and attacked it oh he got my finger […]

RIVER TROUT FISHING (Primitive Catch & Cook)

it's kind of scary I mean look at that hello fishing freaks and welcome back to the channel where the last fishing trip I went on I was literally in Mexico down the Rolling Hills of Oklahoma fishing some cool waters never been to this place gonna try catching some trout today take home to […]

Wild Mountain Trout Catch n' Cook

what is going on guys hope you guys are having a great day I know my day is gonna be fantastic fishing a brand new spot I love fishing new areas just never know what could be out here today we are targeting trout I would really like to hit a lake trout today not […]


yep and if you don't then it pinches you and you literally die look how big this thing is compared to you Lilly's turkey fryer lobster fish tank big money big lobsters that thing is massive – there's probably more meat inside the joint areas then the freaking like a whole crab I know right […]

Catch n' Cook Fried Bullfrogs & GOLDEN Trout!

oh he just spit it out perfect perfect first frog of the day guys we are frog fishing what is going on guys today we are frog fishing with my brother Micah where he catch a bunch of these frogs we're catch trout who knows mining catches try for some crawdads later we're gonna cook […]