Fried-Stuffed Mini Peppers – 4K Outdoor Cooking!

Osaka’s Flamethrower Street Food Chef ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Osaka is considered to be the kitchen of Japan. Meaning it has some really great Japanese food. The place I’m gonna be taking you today is no exception. However, when you cook in Japanese cuisine, you use a lot of tools. The blowtorch is one of them. And this place takes blowtorches to an entirely […]

Raw Food

Humans can be so weird. We’re never content navigating a middle path. It seems we prefer the extremes, the bold positions, the fundamentalist position. In our politics, in our religion, even in our diet. There are those out there who claim to have the one true cure, the one true path, and it’s always an […]

How To Make a Brownie Baked Alaska

-These are pretty stiff. Nice whipped peaks. I can turn it over my head. This is what Jamie Oliver always does, right. He’s like, “You know they’re done.” Should I do it? Ah! It’s really nerve-racking. Hi. I’m Farideh, the culinary director at “Munchies,” and today we’re making a grasshopper baked Alaska, which is a […]

Cooking fire safety

In a residence hall the leading cause of fire alarms is cooking. When I cook I make sure not to wear any loose clothing like a sweater, or leave any combustible items near the stove. When I’m cooking, you know, I never leave my cooking alone, never walk alway, go into another room, always stay […]

Cooking Hamburgers With Thermite 🍔🔥

This video was sponsored by blue apron purveyors of fresh ingredients and quality recipes delivered right to your door I’ve put a link in the description so you can sign up and get fresh food delivered to your house And if you’re one of the first hundred today, you’ll get three meals on your first […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Cooking Naked

Chris: Do you see that video of that guy throwing the- the air can… into an oven indoors? Gus: Oh, yeah, it was like a wood-burning stove? *Gavin laughs* When it- when it exploded it, looked like… … shrapnel and bullets, coming straight at the camera, for like a frame or two, You see like… […]

BEST FISH ON STICK! + Chili Oil – Cooking in the Forest

*fire crackling* prepare stick for cooking the fish clean and wash the fish properly. Hooking up the fish on stick Cut one onion in halves and put it in the pan Add 4-5 Cloves of garlic. add 3-4 cloves Fry well Fish is Done!! Strain the oil out Pour the chili oil over the fish […]

The Firehouse 51 Chili Cook-Off Results – Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

– All right, let’s go. Winner take all. – Oh. [all oohing] [door opening] – [whistling] – Oh, wh–wh–what’s this? – [whistling] One more entry. – No way! – Are you kidding me? – According to the rules set forth in 2002, teams can enter the competition any time before the first taste. – Well, […]

Steak with melon recipe – Wolf’s Steak

(Alex) Oh, Boki, what is happening with fire? (Boki) There was a heavy rain last night and everything is wet, the wood, the leaves… (A) Hmm…Why don’t we try that wolf fur trick? (B) Why not, it always works! But he asks for something every time… (A) Well, we can maybe give him a chunk […]