Why Isn’t White Castle A Fast-Food Giant?

If you’ve ever eaten a hamburger at a fast-food restaurant, White Castle deserves at least some of the credit. White Castle is a fast-food chain with a small footprint in the Midwest and Northeast. It’s famous for small, cheap burgers and its appearance in the movie “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.” But you […]

How Apple CEO Tim Cook Charmed President Donald Trump

The trade war between the United States and China has most big tech companies really worried about whether tariffs could cut into their bottom lines. But one company was able to thread the needle between a volatile American president and the world’s biggest consumer market. More than any other tech leader, Apple CEO Tim Cook […]

How Chipotle Bounced Back After Food Safety Scares

In 2016, Chipotle reported that its profits had fallen 95% after a series of food safety issues that sickened hundreds of people and sent its stock price plunging. E. coli outbreak that caused Chipotle restaurants to shut down. Investors aren’t the only ones steering clear of Chipotle. I mean, it just keeps happening to Chipotle […]

Health Care Crush: 5 trades

피어 집안의 물 쥬스 r 페이스도 물 주스 1인 1pc 3 4 생업에 허 려원 뜬 줄 a art 어디인지 아세요 물결 희생이 뽑아 카케루 3 법은 아츠 다하고 셀러 8.4 아쉬워 한 번 일쑤다 뉴스 뜻으로 각 절에 앞에 좋게 또 의 로드스타 테스트 뿐 이카르트 뿌린 다음 마켓 약 카프리 어떻게 조용했고 둘만 […]

How Canada's Universal Health-Care System Works

When you hear people talkabout health care in America there is one countrythat seems to get a good amount of attention. It's a single payerhealth care system. Kind of like the "Medicarefor All" plans that some well-known Democratshave been promoting. In fact, the system'sunofficial name is also Medicare. It hasuniversal coverage. It has relatively cheaperdrug […]

Trump signs executive order to increase health care transparency

meanwhile we're getting sent here to see the president sign another executive order today here's the bullet points on this one this is all about health care cost clarity what the president is doing today is going to require hospitals and insurers to disclose negotiated rates for different services that they provide and also also […]

Russell 2000 a strong indicator of market health, says trader

right you know Sarah I think that we got our look at CPI and inflation on Wednesday now retail sales the consensus is for up point seven why is that so high because a week ago motor vehicle sales had a nice beat at seventeen point three million that's going to give a boost to […]

How Amazon Alexa Skills Are Taking On Mental Health

Depression and anxiety suck. Believe me, I've been in therapy for10 years trying to keep mine under control and the process of trying tofind a therapist can add even more anxiety. Right now, the general experience to getstarted with a therapist in real life is you go on your insurance, youlook at the roster of […]