Cassava Cake | Panlasang Pinoy

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy We will be making Cassava Cake today. Here are the ingredients that we will need: Grated Cassava Coconut Milk (fresh or in can) Evaporated Milk Condensed Milk Grated Cheese (I use Filipino Quickmelt cheese, but you can use sharp cheddar too) melted butter granulated white sugar eggs all-purpose flour C’mon, let’s […]

Kalamay Ube (Filipino Dessert)

What's up guys? In today's recipe we're going to show you how to make Ube Kalamay! Ube Kalamay is a sweet and sticky purple yam flavored rice cake that's topped off with fried coconut milk curds. To make you Ube Kalamay, you'll first want to drop in about 8 ounces of grated ube into a […]

Pichi Pichi Recipe (Filipino Dessert)

What's up guys today Rei and I are goingto show you how to make Pichi Pichi! Pichi Pichi is a sticky Filipino dessert made from gratedcassava and coated with grated coconut! To make our family's version of Pichi Pichi,you'll want to start out with about 1 pound of freshly grated cassava. If youwant to learn […]

Filipino Dessert MUKBANG ft. Michelle Fox at na PRANK Nanaman Ako!

hi mama Babson hi MA another squad knowledge and it's especially sadhi mam are emmaus for today's video welcome back to our YouTube channel so for this video non-events a Gaga me nothing I move by summers delicacy yes some are special him yes I would like to say thank you meaning beautiful dress from […]

KALAMAY LANSONG / sweet sticky rice cake dessert

hello Boyd's me again Lauren della cucina to Depot Lulu to Papa now I'll um I'll answer a mamasan kupuna knocking calomel and song i meirin put I own two and one half coconut milk atta boy young Yunnan gotta pour on guitar puto el mero boot I own four cups now glutinous rice flour […]

HOME-COOKED Filipino Food – Eating Manila Street Food in TONDO, Philippines!

good morning everyone it's mark Wiens I'm in Manila Philippines and this is just completely random but we are going over to a friend's house today to eat some home-cooked she's invited us over to eat some home-cooked Filipino food my mouth is watering I'm ready to eat and I can't wait to try some […]

Binignit (Filipino Dessert) How to cook the best Visayan Binignit ( Filipino Cooking Channel)


hey man thanks for tuning in to cook with April on tasty Tuesday with our taste tester Justin today we're doing my mom's photo and recipe photo on is a deep-fried banana and roll dessert that is from the Philippines so I hope you guys enjoy so here are the ingredients for the photo and […]

Kutsinta Recipe (Filipino Dessert)

What's up guys?! Today we're gonna be making Kutsinta. Kutsinta is a sticky Filipino treat that's usually topped off with grated coconut and is eaten as a snack or a dessert. To start, first drop in half a cup of all-purpose flour into a mixing bowl. Followed by half a cup of brown sugar. Using […]

Polvoron Recipe (Filipino Dessert)