Iron Chef /Japanese cuisine VS French cuisine 料理の鉄人 日本料理vsフランス料理

If memory serves me right, one’s sense of taste originates from food of one’s country. Tonight two countries have will a cooking battle. Two countries will have a cooking battle tonight here. First let me introduce a challenger from France, Florie. Here she comes. Can a YouTuber from Europe win this battle and prove French […]

Food Battle 2008

*Crunching* “Mmm, oh yeah, that’s very gewd.” “That’s a very good whale carcass.” “Shut Up!” Anthony’s Dad: Anthony, are you watching Toy Story again? Anthony: Dad, leave me alone! Anthony’s Dad: You know it’s not real, right? Anthony: Shut up, it is too! *Le Dramatic Reveal* Anthony: *Le gasp* Ian [Very Muffled]: Me and my […]

Mike ‘The Situation’ Supercut: Best Food Moments 🍔 | Jersey Shore | MTV

(upbeat drumming) – May I have room service please? – [Operator] Sure, go ahead. – I would like, shrimp cocktails. I also would like a chicken fingers and fries, a bacon cheese burger deluxe. Is there anything that you recommend for desserts? I need to eat every couple hours. Can I get two (beep) please? […]

Snooki’s Italian Dinner Secrets ft. The Situation | Cooking in the Crib w/ Snooki & Joey

– Hey guys, and welcome to Cooking in the Crib with Snooki – and Joey! – Joey. So I have my mother-in-law, Janise here. What are you cooking today? – Just our traditional Sunday dinner. Pasta, chicken parmesan, and some appetizers. – [Mike] Do we have any snacks? – How are you still here? – […]

#TheMentalist 2.01 – First Episode, First Scene

Ta it down a notch. Take it down three notches. Okay. Under control we’ll get this done quick and be on our way. Hello. We’re from the CBI. May well be that one of you is the murderer. If that’s so, I’m gonna find out who. These two are innocent. They can go. Uh, stick […]


ArE yOu gUys EvEr gOnNa MaKe FOoD bAtTlE 2012?! SHAT UP!!! Got another package for ya. Awesome! It’s perfect! That’s like the tenth one this week. What’s it for? Let me show you This is my kitten room. DISGOSTANG Yeah, see ever since I beat Ian in food battle 2011. I thought hey why not […]

Food Battle 2010

(Ian) Mmmm, oh, yeah! That’s good. That’s very good rock. SHUT UP! (Ian) Hey, Anthony. (Imitates Anthony) Hey, Ian. You wanna see me try to use my taquitos as a pool floatie? -Sure! -Okay.(Imitates Splash) Oh, no! I’m drowning because I’m so stupid and taquitos suck! -You sure do. -And I’m dead! (Suspenseful Sound) Oh, […]

My Buddy’s Ride, Officers Showman and Baker, COPS TV SHOW

OFFICER SHOWMAN: Well, he’s sparking out. [POLICE SIREN] 12, and he’s trying to jump out on us. Pull over here. [POLICE SIREN] [MUSIC – INNER CIRCLE, “BAD BOYS”] Bad boys, Whatcha want, watcha want, whatcha gonna do when sheriff John Brown come for you. OFFICER SHOWMAN: We’d actually just cleared a call together, and we […]

What Japanese Prison Food is Like ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Only in Japan Welcome to the “Abashiri Keimusho, Abashiri prison” . This one has since been retired and has been turned into a museum the new prison a couple of kilometers away But what is great about this is. It gives you an inside glimpse into everyday life at a Japanese prison Abashiri is in […]

Snooki Makes Homemade Pizza 🍕ft. Frankie Celenza | Cooking in the Crib w/ Snooki & Joey

– Hey guys, welcome back to Cooking in the Crib with Snooki. – [Joey] And Joey! – So today, Joey decided to bring a guest over. – Ya! – He’s been stalking him for years. – Years. – And now we’re going to have pizza today. – He’s one of my favorite chefs, please welcome […]