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Richard thanks for coming glad to be here now your email said something about a kitchen faucet this must be it this is it all right so what's cooking what's going on well if you turn it on there you'll see that we've got a leak the water comes up and out through the bottom […]

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all right now the essence of a compression connection is to use the knot and the ferrule and the nut is right here and the brass ring is called a ferrule the way this connection works is that the nut goes down over the pipe the ferrule goes next and then we have to be […]

Upper Kitchen Cabinets & Dish Rack + Tiny-Tour of Skoolie Kitchen!

she's not working I know not everybody puts upper cabinets in a school II and I thought it was just a personal preference thing but now that I'm watching Mike build this I think it's because it's so difficult [Applause] all right here we go tung oil oh my gosh you're so brave just pointing […]

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