How to Pack a Cooler | Dish With Julia |

– Whether you are headed to the beach, the tailgate, or the campsite, packing a cooler is essential. Keeping your snacks and drinks at a food-safe temperature, making sure things don’t get crushed or soggy, and keeping your cooler colder longer, are some of the many challenges when it comes to filling up your ice […]

Penn Jillette Decorates a Cookie of His Magic Partner Teller | Treat Yourself |

– My name is Penn Jillette. I am more than half by size of the comedy magic team Penn and Teller and as you’ll see, beside me, there is no Teller so I am going to recreate him with a cookie. (upbeat music) We got a show on the CW called Penn & Teller: Fool […]


Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon and you asked for it so today we are making 10 Best Peanut Butter Recipes in 10 minutes – let me know what 10 best you’d like to see next. And let’s see if we can get this video to 15,000 likes Firstly we have 4 […]

Crispy Beer Batter Fish & Chips – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with crispy beer batter fish and chips that’s right anybody can do a beer batter fish that stays crispy for a few minutes but I’m sorry for me that is just not long enough okay not to sound too high-maintenance but I kind of want my […]

Recette Salées Facile À Ne Pas Rater ! Cuisine marocaine

Hello 4 00 g soft wheat flour 100g fine semolina baker’s yeast sugar salt 3 olive or vegetable oil cumin grain or powder Warm milk about 250ml leave the dough brewing oil onion green & red peppers Salt pepper turmeric cumin carrot 1 zucchini Parsley & coriander mixture 1 egg + drops of vinegar Oven […]

How to cook a 🍗Turkey🍗 on the Traeger…Just like the Pilgrims

hey guys happy Thanksgiving retired at 40 here I just got done making this beautiful bird on the traeger and if you follow these easy directions you probably have the best bird you’ve ever tasted and if you don’t follow the directions you’ll probably still have the best bird you’ve ever tasted it’s a traeger […]

American Goulash (One-Pot Beef & Macaroni) – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with american goulash that’s right the first time I was ever served real goulash I was very confused because they gave me what looked like beef stew and I was like hey where’s the ground beef and macaroni are you guys sure this is goulash and […]

How to Freeze Bananas | Dish With Julia |

– Bananas are natures perfect self-contained snack. You can eat them straight off the bunch, blend them into smoothies, or mash them up into your favorite baked goods. But oh, no, the hands of time (clock ticking) have moved to fast, and the bananas have turned into this. Have no fear banana lovers, because you […]

Denise Austin’s Cookie Gives Fitness Tips and Exercises | Treat Yourself |

– Hi everybody! It’s Denise Austin. You might recognize me from exercise videos. I’ve been writing exercise books and fitness videos for over 30 years and I’m here today to show you how I’m gonna make my own look on a cookie! And I’m not that creative, but I’ll try my very best. (bright gentle […]