Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my virgin kitchen it’s Barry here and today i’m not feeling very well as you can hear but I don’t want your sympathy we’re making a chicken chow mein it’s delicious and I only sneezed over it 15 times when I made it, good. Looks amazing right […]

How to Make Delicious Homemade Fruitcake for Christmas | Smart Cookie |

(upbeat festive music) – It’s Christmas time! And today we are making the most controversial, the most maligned Christmas dessert of all of them. The fruitcake. We’re gonna start with a whole host of dried fruits. Now, key, cruc to this: we’re not using any of the neon stuff that you probably associate with a […]

Recette Soupe De Lentilles Facile et Rapide – Cuisine Marocaine

Hello Lentil Soup Recipe 500g of lentils 1.5 liter of water 15min onion 2 cloves garlic 60ml Olive oil Salt pepper turmeric cumin ginger 5min coriander Cooking 30/45 minutes olives Lemon Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting

How to Make Delicious Mulled Wine for Christmas | You Can Cook That |

– Hey friends. Is there really a better smell wafting through your house than that of mulled wine? I’m gonna say, “No,” because it’s pretty much a Yankee Candle that you can drink afterwards. I’m about to show you how to make a really simple and really impressive mulled wine to share at your next […]

BISCUITS SECS @ Recette Gâteaux Facile et Rapide – Cuisine Marocaine

Hello Easy and Fast Cake Recipe 250g of soft butter 240g of sugar this to making large quantity Vanilla 7g 2 eggs 300ml of vegetable oil 100g finely grated coconut baking powder 14g flour 650g sugar+Vanilla The oven is 180 degrees Cooking 12 minutes Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting

We Stuffed an ENTIRE Tailgate into an Egg Roll | Chunks |

(food sizzling) – This sear, these ridges. – Oh, looka there. – This is the highway to the danger zone. (dramatic upbeat music) – Oh, A.B. – You gotta be over 18 to eat this. What’s up, I’m Addison. – I’m Corey. – We’re chunks, not hunks. – And today we are making a big-as-possible […]

À la fois Facile et Bon Prêt en 10min ! 👌

Hello recipe Fast Dinner cooked in a skillet 1 onion oil Chicken breast pieces Salt pepper turmeric ginger garlic powder onion pepper potato zucchini pumpkin carrot Coriander eggs cheese Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting

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