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i only ate FOODS FROM IKEA for 24 hours

So I’m sitting at the kids area at IKEA very mature, good morning guys I have just arrived at IKEA And I’m actually very Excited for this video because I have never eaten foods from Ikea before and for the whole day so for the next 24 hours I am only gonna be eating food […]

10 Fast Food Menu Hacks That Will Save You Money

When you’re hungry and in a hurry, fast food is sometimes your only option. However, despite what some people might believe about fast food, it isn’t always that cheap. Especially if you want to upsize something or add extras like more meat and cheese. You just have to know a few of the valuable secrets about […]

Boomers Try Millennial Food Trends

– BLAGH! That’s– oh my god. (laughs) Whoa, that’s awful! – And people are paying for this, right? Ugh. They charge you an arm and a leg? (chuckles) I’ll have to tell you millennials… (whispers) There’s better things than this. ♪ (ragtime intro) ♪ – (FBE) What do you know about what millennials are eating […]

PROCESSED FOODS: 7 reasons why they aren’t good for you (science-backed)

We hear that processed foods aren’t good for us. But why exactly aren’t they good for us? I’m going to tackle that question in this video and I’m also going to talk about the differences between whole foods, minimally processed foods and heavily processed foods. If you’re interested, keep watching. Hello hello! Welcome back to […]

Hostess Sno Balls Review – Playing with our Food

Today on Food Snot we are going to play with our food .. Sno Balls from Hostess It’s time for Food Snot Hi, I’m Tom Cote and I am the Food Snot. hey you guys.. first off we want to thank you guys because we hit 10,000 subscribers because of you guys – thank you […]

Horrifying Fast Food Worker Confessions

You might not want to think about it, but some pretty shady stuff goes on behind the scenes at fast food restaurants, and these workers are ready to spill. From sketchy food prep practices to dirty equipment, these confessions might make you think twice about hitting up that drive-thru again. Delicious fast food doesn’t just […]

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Fast Food Chains With The Best And Worst Hot Sauces

Almost every fast-food establishment seems to have its own hot sauce meant to intimidate the weak and entice the brave… but not sauce or salsa is good enough to slather your meal in it. We’re ranking fast food hot sauce, from worst to best. Qdoba has a large menu of burritos, tacos, salads, and nachos […]