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10 Outrageously Expensive Fast Foods You Can’t Afford

If you have expensive tastes but love fast food then this list is for you some of the expensive fast foods do use flakes with edible gold leaf to make it extra expensive but that’s just cheating so take a look at our 10 outrageously expensive fast foods first thousand dollar breakfast 120 dollar prime […]

10 Biggest Fast Food FAILURES Of All Time!!!

Fast food items have the ability to become major hits like the Big Mac or the Baconator however sometimes the choices fast-food restaurants make are more flopper than whopper what did you get that gave it to me here are some of those very epic fails the 10 biggest fast-food failures of all time long […]

Top 10 Untold Truths About McDonald’s Salads

Do you order salads from McDonald’s? If you do, you may be curious about whether other customers love these menu items as much as you do. There is so much to learn about salad at Mickey D’s! We’re here to share the biggest and most fascinating 10 untold truths about McDonald’s salad. McD’s Salads May […]


Sometimes you just want to go to some of the best fast food places but not eat artery clogging foods that will make you feel like a puffer fish and yet still hungry an hour later. That’s why you’d probably go ahead and order a salad but in many of these cases, you’re not aware […]

EXTREME Street Food in Pakistan – Super FAST + ANGRY Ninja BURGER – ULTIMATE Karachi BURGER Tour!!!

Who Makes The BEST Fast Food CHEESE BURGER?

Huge Secrets Fast Food Restaurants Tried To Hide

Fast food companies are like any other big corporation: they have secrets. Sure, no one is perfect and success comes at a price, but considering customers are the ones paying, shouldn’t they know what’s really going on at their favorite chain? Here’s what some didn’t want you to know. Sometimes, you just need a hot […]

The Definitive Fast Food Restaurant Tier List

If you love tier lists, you’ll really enjoy this one! The list features 10 tiers of fast-food restaurants. Every eatery on the list is worth visiting, but some are on a higher plateau. This comprehensive list is loaded with details about some of the tastiest fast-food joints around. Tier 10 Tier 10 isn’t the top […]