Half Moon Recipe | Ramadan Recipes | Indian Cooking Recipes | Cook with Anisa

Hi guys [her] [pure] [mouth] and thanks for joining me my kitchen So today we will be making the most highly requested video in a long long time some people call a moon other call half moons, whatever [all] I know is it’s a crispy fried snack, so is creamy [salted] chicken You guys look […]

SLIME KITCHEN: DIY – How to Make Doll SLIME | Sugar Cookies | Eggs | Coffee | Ice | Lemonade & More

Today we are taking a look at our slime collection. Which I am sure is a little odd-looking Yeah, they’re not the most beautiful Slime colors, and that’s because we use them in our doll slime kitchen What do you think, the hat’s too much? Should I lose the hat? Yeah, lets lose the hat. […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Cooking Mama 4 on my Nintendo 3DS. And, I love this game! And I’m so excited because Cooking Mama 5 – Bon Appetite, is coming out. So I thought, in honor of the game coming out, let’s make a […]

[COUTURE N°4] Tablier de cuisine

Hello Today we do a apron we need two tissues and we need sewing equipment In the main tissues We cut a rectangle of 94 cm wide and 102 cm long in the checked tissues we will cut the central pocket of the apron and ties neck and back for the tie neck we cut […]

Karlie Kloss visits the best patisserie in the world, Cédric Grolet | Vogue Kitchen | Vogue Paris

Oh la la Mmh. It’s so delicious. Bonjour, I’m Karlie, I’m in Paris to meet THE best pastry chef in the world: Cédric Grolet. I’m going to learn how to make the delicious ‘La Fraise’. So. So. Are you ready? Yes, I am. The most important thing is to really taste the strawberry. Have you […]

A Food Tour of Kuala Lumpur | Condé Nast Traveler

in Malaysia we have this really special saying it goes jalan jalan Chari makan and in English that literally means walking around looking for food when fall alone poor we actually really up-to-date with all the trends and the fads when it comes to food we're going healthy right now so we love the chia […]

Italian Grandma Makes Fettuccine Alfredo

[Música] alô amadinha tudo é meno avenida kitchener a a atender ele vai receber de ceemea mamoré pi tudo distendem de senhor dessa e com beckham de queijo na mão lá não brotou mas só nóis libera é igual a receita enviou o do pico de preço e de haydn meio e preveem o sono […]

TIPS TO A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Mental + Physical Health | Jaiden Ashlea

everyone's saying back with another frickin video I so so it's been a while it really hasn't been that long but it's been long enough for me to say it's been a while today I'm going to be filming a healthy lifestyle kind of videos so I'm trying to kind of get more motivational if […]


so Michael guys coach Matt didn't take video etiquette and shot like you wash your machine as you can see Cobra put them under Fishman Nina karate car will be run inside later and Muslim get the Brisbane out so Martin I am and it was a Michelle income madman male Donna so Michelle more […]