Hey guys! It’s Jana! And good morning to you all today we’re going to clean the kitchen I didn’t do it last night before I went to bed and it’s a horrible horrible mess this sink is totally filled with dishes and the dishwasher is full of clean dishes you know how it is after […]


Hey guys! It’s Jana! And I am so excited we’re going to do a new recipe today I am going to make delicious brownies with Reese’s Cups in them so we’re doing this from scratch just because it’s better and I just wanted to share this recipe with you I know you guys love the […]

This little buckling is in LOVE ❤️(with his sister Willow)

we were young here we were free and running never bothered ’bout what could be coming every day we danced and life was smiling we were young and drunk in love it’s a cold windy kind of rainy day today so naturally we and the Arizona goats freak out Who’s the first one today? Penny! […]

How We (Fail and Succeed) Making Funnel Cakes in an Airstream

We are going to make something special, sort of as a treat. Mmmm… It just looks like someone dropped yellow paint into our deep fryer. Wherever you go, yeah, you can take me there Over the ocean, I can see us there. Let’s run away and be forever young We’ll catch the sun, where there’s […]

Wife Left, He Tore Out Kitchen – Raced To Put It Back

Mobile Home Kitchen Renovation

today we're going to share with you our mobile home kitchen renovation prior to moving here I did do a walk-through of this property and I did walk through this mobile home but prior to that I had never set foot in a mobile home so I wasn't sure what to expect I mean you […]

Family Fun Time at McDonald's Indoor Playground! Happy meal toy surprise with Ryan's Family Review

Ruby & Nana make rhubarb crisp 🍨

hi welcome to Manas it's summertime in Minnesota so it's time for what kind of rhubarb isn't on a half and it's special that's why we decided we were gonna make rhubarb hey what are we making join us in making our rumors today okay okay ready oh you gotta have muscles to get this […]

I Let My Kids Meal Plan Our Week

I have a feeling you were gonna pick a lot of desserts for our meal what this looks different and that's what it's like parenting a toddler hi I'm Hannah and I'm the world okay it's mom now real time in our house is usually planned by me which means there is a lot of […]

We've NEVER Had to Do This! \ Domestic Adoption Journey

so now I have to do six more weeks these kids have had to go on way more adoption errands than we were anticipating so we never have to perform just you're grounded polite good morning guys today is another exciting day number one I'm on my way to the dentist to have this motion […]