Minnie Mouse Flipping Kitchen a FunnyToys Unboxing

– [Narrator] Hello, everyone! What do you think’s in this box? Ho ho ho, let’s open it up and find out! It’s the Minnie Mouse Flipping Kitchen, look at it! Whoa, isn’t this cool and guess who’s gonna help me do this video? The Assistant! Assistant, are you gonna help me do this video? – […]

Minnie Mouse Flipping Kitchen a FunnyToys Unboxing

hello everyone what do you think's in this box oh let's open it up and find out it's the Minnie Mouse flippin kitchen look at it Oh wasn't this cool and guess who's gonna help me do this video the session assistant are you gonna help me do this video yeah are you excited bored […]

Unboxing the Minnie Mouse Sweet Surprise Kitchen Toys with the Assistant

hey there's Minnie Mouse so what is it oh yeah we've got hoods you gotta love it yeah you can put together for me yeah alright let's put it together whoa sister look at all those pieces really we need a finish put it together don't we yeah let's go hey you did a great […]

Kid Size Cooking: Caramel Popcorn DONUTS!

Would You Try These Weird Food Combinations?!? | Brooklyn and Bailey

today's video we are going to be trying strange food combinations while it might be strange to us I don't know strange to you you can leave a comment down below if you eat any of these combinations now I remember one time when I was little Camry tried a quesadilla and chocolate pudding and […]

Kids Open the New Toy Story 4 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Bo Peep & Forky!!

Happy Meals McDonald's toys 34 Happy Meals what are you okay let's open some let's see what kind of toy you got let me see oh it's poopy okay let's open it and watch go everybody yeah Oh yeah haha [Applause] after you I got it I got it it's been 5 minutes later [Applause] […]

Yummy vs Real Food Popsicle Challenge | Brooklyn and Bailey

hey guys it's Brooklyn and Bailey and in today's video we are doing the popsicle challenge which is basically where we can type obstacles and have to guess the flavor but the flavors are not good this is a prefilled video we posted a while ago but we wanted you guys to watch it because […]


welcome to the blog guys how the heck are you welcome back we are over home it's gray back classic Ohio as well you know I didn't close yesterday Kane has been down since our trip he has been high fever yesterday Brittany went out Simon took the camera we actually did walk a little […]