Nephi Exercises Faith to Obtain Food | 1 Nephi 16:23–32 | Book of Mormon

What is that fool doing? Father, whither shall I go to obtain food? Oh, my son, thank you for your faith. Wait here. Oh Lord, please forgive me… The Lord told me to look upon the ball, and behold the things which are written. How is this possible? What is it? There are new writings. […]

Biblical Series II: Genesis 1: Chaos & Order

Okay, well I thought this time that I would actually cover some of the biblical stories. So, and, hopefully a number of them. Um. As I said last time, I’m going to go through this, well, as fast as I am able to, I want to do as complete a job as possible and of […]

Biblical Series I: Introduction to the Idea of God

[CLASSICAL MUSIC] [APPLAUSE AND CHEERS] Well, thank you all very much for coming to this. It’s really shocking to me that you don’t have anything better to do on a Tuesday night. [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] No, but seriously, though, it is. I mean, it’s very strange in some sense that there’s so many of you here […]

Broken Dreams and Life-Giving Miracles (with Brett Swayn)

-Imagine waking up in a foreign city of a foreign country all broken inside. How do you put the pieces of your life back together? Where do you find hope? And why would you even look for hope anymore? For Brett Swain it was a supernatural encounter with the divine. But was it really just […]

7 Steps to Eat Cheat Meals & Still Lose Weight

Atheist Experience 23.26 with Matt Dillahunty & Don Baker

there's a raucous group of people here not a huge crowd but a loud crowd hi hey welcome to atheist experience today's June 23rd 2019 with the usual addendums after how are you good good to see you I'm at Aulani hosting this week's show and joining me Don Baker hey you good to be […]

16th June 2019 – Do You Have Leaves or Fruits – Charles Banna

good morning brothers and sisters good morning warm welcome to all of you shall we all stand up and Psalm 103 verse 2 says bless the Lord O my soul forget not all his benefits so this song says for all your goodness I will keep on singing 10,000 reasons for my heart to find […]