Story of Dinner Party at Roof Top Royal Cuisine NFC University Faisalabad |Niazi Vibes|

your favorite personality in YPN my pian Hasan Niazi for Nessie only improve the sanyasi with just Bernardini Aziz best yeah let’s go come on make a couple stacks – exactly how many come here is Mama’s name Iqbal Khan del Y plane president a pretty mckee effort key appreciation Kelly odds dinner organized key […]

Faisalabad ka Nashta | Bengali ki Lassi & Cholay Bhature | Pakistani Street Food

Salam my name is Zia Tabarak & right now I’m in Faisalabad. It’s an amazing morning & on our viewers’ recommendation… …we’re going to Pak Sweets for breakfast. After our breakfast we’ll be going to Faisalabad’s Clock Tower. There’s Bengali Lassi at the Clock Tower roundabout which is really famous. We’ll explore the market there […]