ASMR CHINESE FOOD MUKBANG (Honey Chicken, Honey Shrimp, Beijing Beef, Sweet & Spicy Chicken)

Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 Now before you all jump on me in the comments, I know Panda Express is not authentic Chinese food But I liked the title better with “Chinese Food” instead of “Panda Express

Universal Studios Theme Park Tie In with Kid Cuisine (1991)

Kid Cuisine presents BJ and The Chef. Wow! Nice landing BJ. How about a Kid Cuisine dinner? With stickers, games, and dessert! Excellent. What’s really excellent is you can win a free trip on US Air to Universal Studios in Hollywood or Florida. Detailes and ways to enter on specially marked packages of Kid Cuisine. […]

[Recette] Liégeois Crème dessert

hello les amis j'espère que vous allez bien je suis ravi de vous retrouver pour une nouvelle recette est donc cette semaine je vous propose de réaliser des liégeois vous allez voir c'est très intériorisée très rapide et surtout triste rémois alors on va passer tout de suite al ahly se désagrégeant que vous retrouverez […]

Karhi Pakoray, کڑھی پکوڑے Kadhi Pakora,Original Kadhi Pakora Recipe in (Punjabi Kitchen)

Train ka Khana | GreenLine AC Business Class Coach | Pakistan Railway | Pakistani Street Food

Asalam-u-Alaikum. My name is Zia Tabarak. And right now I am at Karachi Cantt Railway Station. Traveling through railways is a different experience. We're going from Karachi to Lahore & we're gonna take you on this journey as well. We've booked Greenline Business Train. I've heard that it's great. I'm traveling in this for the […]

Currywurst – Oktoberfest recipe

today we are in traditional Bavarian cafe in Milan to get into the mood for the Oktoberfest we can't fail to make a recipe using the main ingredient of German cuisine this web decided to cook together the curry Wurst let's see how to do we'll need for Vice boost the local Bavarian build sausages […]

Food King Singapore: Unique Hawker Eats!

hi guys okay that'd be a girl again today we are going around to explore unique haka is because some of you have been commenting there you want something be friends you know what now we have to choose the about fitting oh yeah a launch of pop locking no aah I will be the […]