KETO: Taco Bell Meal Plan! (I've Got a Complicated Order)

so what can you get at Taco Bell when you're on keto okay folks I just spent $25 and 74 cents we tried to come twice to get breakfast but it's not happening the first time it was like it's you like this so I said that they didn't even do breakfast after the fourth […]

Kitchen Makeover: Wood Cabinets Are Back & Sleeker Than Ever

I feel like kitchen rows are always a great investment because really that's what people look for if you were selling your home they want to look at your kitchen and they want to see that it's up to date it's functional there's lots of cabinet space – Anna and Eric are a young family […]

How to Replace a Kitchen Sink | This Old House

all right well if we're going to replace the sink there's a couple choices nowadays one is an under counter mount sink and that thing would sit underneath the counter and it would require a nice clean edge on the countertop now this is laminate here if I was to pull this sink out we […]

Best Halwa Puri of Dhamthal, Karachi | Inside the Kitchen | Pakistan Street Food

Hello Guys ! I am Zia Tabarak with another episode of Street Food PK. Karachi's weather is amazing today… seems like it's gonna rain right now and it might till afternoon. It's early in the morning right now and it just drizzled here… …and if the weather is this nice and you don't go out […]

Top Tile Trends for Kitchens, Baths and More!

hi I'm Christina from Zara welcome to my kitchen there was a renovation we did it about three four years ago we've been living the house for 20 years so it's long overdue we're in the marble and tile business or its yacht so our home is a good example of different applications of natural […]

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The Easiest Taco Salad ** So Delicious

I am so hungry I haven't eaten lunch yet and I am craving a taco salad I've been making these like couple times a week now because they are so so good keep watching if you guys want to see a delicious taco salad recipe and it is easily modified with any ingredients you really […]


hey fatty tonight I'm gonna teach you fat fuckin pigs ought to get ripped ripped kids go fuckin discipline so right off the bat I'm gonna go through a bunch of fuckin fasting routines but more importantly what where are you act ok what's your fucking goal because everyone's a little bit different with their […]