Food Song | Learn 15 Food and Drinks | Learn English Kids

Dream English Kids Hello, Friends. I’m hungry. Me too. How about you? Let’s go get something to eat. Good idea. Let’s read the menu… hamburger chicken sandwich pizza egg onion ice cream cup of soup hot dog salad bowl of rice broccoli cake juice milk water lemonade fish juice Can I take your order? Can […]

🔵 Professions, Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker, Jobs – ESL British English Pronunciation

Professions, Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker, Jobs – ESL British English Pronunciation hi there so what about the different professions ok so the person who bakes bread is baked and a person who makes beer is true but you know the professions it’s different ok a milkman a milkman a bomb or a bomb a punishment […]

IELTS & TOEFL Vocabulary: Talking about Food

Hello. My name is Emma, and in today’s video, I am going to teach you some great expressions and some great things you can say about food. Now, this video will be very, very helpful if you are taking the IELTS, because they often ask you about food in the speaking section, and same with […]

The kitchen: English Language

die Küche schürze ofenhandschuh platte, teller Becher tasse glas krug teekanne schüssel kelle löffel gabel messer hackmesser schneidbrett salatbesteck spatel pizza-schneider dosenöffner korkenzieher gemüseschäler schneebesen nudelholz, teigrolle holzlöffel papierhandtuch reibe sieb, seiher küchenwaage salz-und Pfefferstreuer mixer kessel bratpfanne pfanne streichholzpackung toaster kaffeemaschine mikrowelle kühlschrank herd backofen geschirrspüler mülltonne tabelle, tisch stuhl küchenschränke wasserhahn sinken geschirrkorb […]

English Cooking Verbs // How to Poach an Egg! 🍳

cooking verbs and how to poach an egg hi everyone welcome to the very first video lesson from English I’m so excited that you’re here so excited actually I’m going to do a dance okay today’s lesson is going to be about cooking verbs and I’m going to show you these verbs by cooking a […]

Learn English: Basic Kitchen Vocabulary

Hello. Are you hungry? You better get to the kitchen. “The chicken? The kitchen.” Chicken — kitchen. Today, I’m going to teach you about vocabulary that you will find very useful if you’ve ever been in a kitchen. Now, the thing that’s confusing sometimes is that when you want to say “kitchen”, you say “chicken”. […]

Learn English Vocabulary | Common Kitchen Nouns & Pronunciation

hi everyone welcome to another lesson at mmmEnglish I’m your teacher Emma in today’s lesson I’m taking you on a tour of the kitchen we’re going to learn and practice some important kitchen vocabulary and how to pronounce it learning and practicing these words will help you to easily understand my lessons, recipes and help […]

Cooking Vocabulary in English – chop, grill, saute, boil, slice…

Hi again. Welcome back to I’m Adam. Today’s lesson is a very interesting one. It’s one of my favourites. Why? Because I love to eat. Actually, a long time ago, before I was a teacher, before I did any of that, I went to culinary school. “Culinary” — I learned how to cook. I […]

Cooking actions: English vocabulary

actions de cuisson peser peser mesurer mesurer peler peler hacher hacher écraser écraser casser casser moudre moudre presser presser tamiser tamiser couper couper râper râper fondre fondre pétrir pétrir déchiqueter déchiqueter trembler, agiter trembler, agiter ajouter ajouter saupoudrer , parsemer saupoudrer , parsemer étaler étaler assécher , drainer assécher , drainer mélanger mélanger battre au […]