The loser cleans the dishes! ‘Never Have I Ever’ game [Sister’s Slam Dunk/2017.02.03]

(This is not over yet) (Miran’s drip coffee) (Steaming) Isn’t there a man like Miran? A man like me? If I found a man like Miran, I’d get married right away. (Sook crush has fallen for Ran crush) Where are the dirty dishes? Piled up over there. How should we decide who does the dishes? […]

What It Takes To Be A Food Stylist For Movies And TV Shows | Movies Insider

This is a dish from the movie “Midsommar.” Pelle: I was most excited for you to come. Narrator: You might think that bright yellow center you see is an egg yolk, but it isn’t. See, over the course of a 10- to 12-hour filming day, egg yolks tend to dry out and change color. So […]

Daniela and Romina face each other in a cook-off | Kadenang Ginto Recap (With Eng Subs)

Where’s Tatay? Carlos, you’re hurting me! Why are you looking for him? Stop pretending like you know nothing! Tatay’s missing and I’m sure you know where he is! I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! And how did he go missing? He followed Jude’s killer last night, and he hasn’t returned since then. […]

Dwight Eats His Survival Food – The Office

The Best Cheap Vegan Food in Washington, DC || 5 Buck Lunch

– I’m Kimberly Kong, and I’m your DC host for “5 Buck Lunch”. I spent the last 14 years eating my way through The Capital and documenting it all on my food blog, Nomtastic Foods. Let me take you to the best spots in the capital for cheap eats that are five bucks or less. […]

Chicago Deep Dish: Pizza or Casserole? || Really Dough?

– Whoa. – Wow. – It’s fighting against me. – That’s what I’m talking about. – Is that like standard Chicago pizza slicer? – Uh, you know, I just kinda wanted the biggest, baddest knife. – Previously on “Really Dough?” – My name is Scott; I live and breathe pizza. But Mark is a pizza […]

ASMR 🍲 Cooking Session w/BlueApron 🍲 Soft Spoken / Oddly Satisfying /

Thank you for joining me for this ASMR cooking session. As you know love to cook, but it can be difficult to prepare restaurant quality dishes at home. Many of us are simply short on time or don’t have all the ingredients on hand. And for the convenience, having fresh ingredients delivered right to your […]

FOOD ART CHALLENGE 3 & How To Make the Best Epic STAR WARS Custom Art By Customizing Funny Foods

Danielle Staub’s Housewife Dish

♪ Feel it, feel it ♪ Please welcome Danielle Staub. (“New Rules” by Dua Lipa) ♪ I’ve got new rules, ♪ ♪ I count ’em ♪ (audience cheers) ♪ I’ve got new rules, I tell myself ♪ Wow. ♪ I’ve got new rules, I count ’em ♪ You look incredible! Thank you, honey! ♪ I […]