Variety Rice Meals | Lemon Rice : Curd Rice : Sundal | Organized Cooking Tips And Recipes | Gowri

Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai Today’s Recipe Lemon Rice, Curd Rice and Masala Sundal For Masala Sundal, Chick Peas – 200g Soak it over night I have soaked rice separately for Lemon and rice and Curd Rice 1 Cup rice for Lemon rice 1/2 cup rice for curd rice Heat 1 cup water and cook the […]

How To Add Salt After Cooking Briyani Items | Cooking Tipsin Tamil | Gowri Samayalarai

Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai Cooking Tips How to adjust the salt in Biriyani after cooking? This tips will be useful for beginners, bachelors…. I forgot to add salt in Biriyani. Now I will show you how to add after cooking. Take the required amount of salt and add little hot water Mix it well Then […]