Making Indian Sweets From Scratch at Raja Sweets — Cooking in America

(upbeat, jazzy music) – So, we’re going to Raja Sweets in the heart of the Mahatma Gandhi District here in Houston, but, before that, we’re gonna go check out this super cool spot. It’s a mandir, the first one in the country. Thirty-three thousand pieces that was first assembled in India and then kind of […]

Cleaning Routine – Kitchen – Speed Cleaning – Video #1 of many

Hi everyone, this is my kitchen. You can see it is very messy and unclean. The sides are all covered with stuff. I have got the rice cooker on top of the cooker. Stuff to go in recycling. Stuff on the floor. Icky Icky. This is probably the worst bit. All the washing up which […]

How Traditional English Stilton Cheese Is Made At A 100-Year-Old Dairy | Regional Eats

Claudia Romeo: Today we’re in the village of Colston Bassett in Nottinghamshire, England, to learn more about how blue Stilton cheese is made. Today we’re going to learn about its history and origin, and I will also be getting my hands dirty in the process. And then, of course, we’re going to taste it. This […]


Best LONDON STREET FOOD at BOROUGH MARKET | London food market | British food + what NOT to eat

today we’re in London and we’re here to eat this video is all about eating our way around the best food at Borough Market the best British food makes use of the region’s incredible produce, seafood and meat this is our first video from London and we’re hunting down the tastiest food at Borough Market […]

New England Clam Chowder Dip – Food Wishes – Football Food

hello this is chef john from food wishes calm with New England clam chowder Deb that’s right if you can turn a sandwich into a dip we should certainly be able to turn a soup into a dip I mean give or take some extra liquid we’re pretty much already there but anyway after joking […]

31 Days of Learning English – DAY 23 – improve your English – KITCHEN DAY – 23rd October – WEDNESDAY

yes here we are back once again it’s another day it is tying once again to share a few moments of our existence together here we are with day 23 of 31 days of October and learning English in 2019 here we are oh my goodness hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how […]

What Was Life Like? Episode 7: Tudors | Meet a Tudor Cook

Oh I shall never be ready, I’ve got all this food to cook for the feast. Where are the eggs and the vinegar? Oh hello, well you must be my new apprentices, what’s your name? Olivia Adham Well, Mistress Olivia and Master Adham, welcome to Gainsborough Old Hall, my name is Thomas Griffin, and I […]

The Best Hot Chocolate In London | Best Of The Best

Harry Kersh: There’s no better way to stay warm in London than with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. And the city has a couple of popular spots, all with their own unique take on the drink. Hey guys, it’s Harry and Ju. Ju Shardlow: And on this very gray day, we are on the […]

31 Days of Learning English – 9th October – improve your English – KITCHEN ITEMS / WORDS – day 9

so here we are oh my goodness is it really Thursday already welcome to day 9 of 31 days of English during October 2019 are we on yes I think we are hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope […]