-JeanPod, wake up! -Hello Rossy! I’m hungry, I want to make a Spanish omelette. Help me! OK, here are the ingredients! Potatoes, eggs, onions… No, my omelette doesn’t have onion in, JeanPod! OK, no onion. Olive oil and, most importantly, the secret ingredient. What secret ingredient, JeanPod? A good chef! -Franco! -Hello, Rossy! What a […]

The Literal Iron Chef Food Challenge | People vs. Food

– (FBE) Today, we’re going to have you all compete in an iron chef challenge… literally. – Woo! – (Faith) Literally? – (Troy) This is crazy. – (FBE) Literally. – (Faith) We ’bout to cook up some stuff. – I’m excited, ’cause I’m gonna try my best. – With my past experience, I feel like […]


hello my karma babies hi guys how are you today okay so I showed you what we have I have a salad today I’ve got lettuce tomatoes cherry tomatoes cucumber I have some peppers in here pickles some red onion I have some chicken chicken thighs fried chicken thighs and for dessert I have egg […]

Going DEEP For Street Food in Morocco – BREAKFAST Tour of Marrakech!

Sun Dried Tomato Scramble – You Suck at Cooking (episode 31)

Previously, on You Suck at Cooking… Hey, Douglas… Hey, John. They say it hurts less if you hold your breath… John! *sharp intake of breath* It wasn’t a homicide! It wasn’t John and Douglas in that water, I know it! They murdered two innocent eggs and made an escape. *glass smashes and dog barks* I […]

GREEN FOOD Challenge 😝Green Eggs and Ham Premiere | Netflix

– Hey! I’m Cameron J. Wright. – I’m Isaiah Russell-Bailey. – And today we are at the Green Eggs and Ham Premiere. We’re going to give you a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to be at a premiere. – All right let’s go. – Let’s go. (Upbeat music) – Finally some people […]

Couples Try Guessing Each Other’s Cooking

– It doesn’t suck. – Did you even take a bite? – What are you used to eating?! This better be some culinary masterpiece. – Ohhh, it’s hot! (coughs) – (laughs) Yeah, this is Caden for sure. – (Caden laughs) ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, you are going to be guessing your […]

Fry Duck Eggs Recipe – Cooking Egg – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i fry egg recipe egg very big and have red onion then pepper garlic dried chili kaffir lime leaves dried pepper and lemon lemon grass clean egg to boil this is other ingredients fish sauce oyster sauce salt soy sauce soup powder sugar then have dried chili holy basil put fish sauce oyster […]

How to Make Jalapeño Deviled Eggs | Hilah Cooking

Hey dudes! I am Hilah, and today on Hilah Cooking, I am going to show you how to make some jalapeno deviled eggs. Now, I have done a pickled deviled eggs recipe a couple of Halloweens ago. For some reason it got flagged as like inappropriate language, and also I am wearing a really crappy […]