English Cooking Verbs // How to Poach an Egg! 🍳

cooking verbs and how to poach an egg hi everyone welcome to the very first video lesson from English I’m so excited that you’re here so excited actually I’m going to do a dance okay today’s lesson is going to be about cooking verbs and I’m going to show you these verbs by cooking a […]

Southern Fried Banana Pudding Pies

I’m Stacy Lyn, and today I’m gonna be making Southern banana pudding fried pie. As we say here in the South, fried anything is great, so I think there could be no better Southern dessert than the Southern banana pudding fried pie! There’s a story to the development of this recipe. We celebrate each child’s […]

Binging with Babish: Eggs in a Nest from Lots of Stuff

Now you take a piece of bread like this, and you look through it like this Then you wink, and you drop it in a little hole, like that. What? No, I just thought you liked your eggs with the bread with the hole in the middle, à la me. [Laugh Track] [Man humming and […]


10 erstaunliche Eier Life Hacks und Ideen Sehr alte Eier 0-1 Woche alt, 2 Wochen alt, 3 Wochen alt Einfach! oder… Schön und schmeckt sehr gut! Füg Salz hinzu 1 Minute pro Seite „Luft“-Ei für 2 Minuten auf Höhe Omelett ist gekocht! Rotkohlsaft Zitronensaft Originell und schmackhaft Hart gekochtes Ei (noch heiß) Lass auf diese […]

Dubai Food – RARE Camel Platter – WHOLE Camel w/ Rice + Eggs – Traditional Emirati Cuisine in UAE!

– What you’re about to witness is an ultra traditional and rare Emirati meal. An ancient tradition since the early days of civilization, one that we were incredibly lucky to experience. That being said, this is a tradition that may be sensitive or controversial to some viewers. So if you feel uncomfortable, please close this […]

How To Cook Perfect Fluffy Scrambled Eggs – 2 Ways | Jono Ren (Episode 5)

Wassup YouTube. Its Jono here. Today we’re going to be cooking with these little bad boys. I’m going to show you 2 ways to cook perfect scrambled eggs every time. Learning how to cook scrambled eggs was one of the first cooking techniques I ever learnt in the kitchen. So lets get into it. One […]

Binging with Babish: Breakfast from Howl’s Moving Castle

Hey, what’s up guys welcome back to Binging with Babish where this week we’re finally taking a look at food from a Miyazaki movie. Something like bacon and eggs might seem like a very simple place to start, but it’s the perfect excuse to learn how to make our own bacon from scratch. First thing […]

Eggs in Purgatory (Shakshouka) | Cafe Yooky

Hi, there, today is another egg recipe Eggs in Purgatory, or as known as Shakshuka easy and simple, you can have it for breakfast lunch brunch dinner snack, pretty much anytime now let’s get started first, prep the bread. Get the best quality but get you can As simple as the recipe is, it really […]

#60 Kun je een TELEFOON opladen met PAASEIEREN?! (PAASSPECIAL)

Happy Easter everyone. Today I am going to teach you how to use Easter eggs to generate your own electricity. For example to charge your phone. This is Lifehacker Nederland. Whether you’re celebrating Easter or not, chances are that you’re going to eat Easter eggs today. And I do not mean those big eggs, no, […]

6 Kitchen Tricks – Food Hacks

6 kitchen tricks/tips/hacks [kitchen remodel] 1: Egg Freshness Test Sometimes you’ve got some eggs and you just don’t know whether they’re fresh or not. It’s kind of impossible to look at an egg and know that it’s fresh even though most grocery stores these days do print the date on them, just like so, but […]