WOW Hi, Hello friends Welcome back My name is JaiuSs You can call yourself JaiuSs Today I made a huge bowl of noodles Next to it is a glass of water ….. I make fried noodles I’ll start mixing them up Please eat with me WOW Please, guys

How to Dye Color Easter Eggs using Food Coloring and Vinegar

How to decorate Easter Eggs with food coloring and stickers How to decorate Easter Eggs with food coloring How to decorate Easter Eggs How to dye Easter Eggs with food coloring and stickers How to Color Easter Eggs with food coloring and stickers Easter Egg Decorating Tips Easter Egg Decorating Decorating Easter Eggs with Food […]

Impractical Jokers: After Party – Lil’ Egg Salad Restaurant | truTV

Here we have… Lil’ Egg Salad Restaurant. [ Murr laughs ] 3-year-olds making egg salad. So this is kind of like the new Easy-Bake Oven. We chose egg salad because eggs can last, uh — Days. [ Laughs ] You’re gonna get seasoning, you’re gonna get bread, and you’re gonna get chives, parsley. You got […]

How to Make a Perfect and Fluffy Scrambled Eggs | LadyBug Kitchen | [ENG CC]

Hi, today we’re making a perfect and fluffy scrambled eggs. First, crack 6 eggs, one at a time in small bowl. Before adding it to your mixing bowl. I think this method is a good habit to ensure you will be using fresh eggs. Now, let’s whisk, whisk, whisk. Until the whites and yolks are […]

Tomato Egg Noodles, Simple & Iconic Chinese Dish (Chef’s Plate Ep. 9)

Every Chinese family, everybody’s Chinese mother, grandmother and aunt makes a tomato and egg dish. My name is Lucas Sin. I’m 25 years old and I’m a chef at Junzi Kitchen. The dish we’re making today is tomato egg noodles. The first thing you got to do is make a tomato sauce. So the tomato […]

Fry Cauliflower With Ramen Recipe – Cooking Egg – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i going to fry ramen with cauliflower this is my cauliflower is very fresh ramen beef duck eggs chili green onion garlic palm sugar fish sauce soup powder salt chili sauce

Garbage Plates: Rochester’s Best-Kept Secret || Food/Groups

– If you’re talking to somebody and they say, where are you from, and you say Rochester, New York, it’s like, oh, did you ever hear of this thing called a garbage plate? We’ve had movie stars, lawyers, doctors, politicians, didn’t have the queen of England yet, but we’re still hoping. – Rochester, New York, […]

Fry Luffa acutangula With Eggs Recipe – Cooking Egg – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i going fry luffa with eggs and pork this is my luffa is very fresh and long duck egg garlic prok green onion salt soy sauce palm sugar sugar fish sauce and soup powder

One pepper, 3 eggs, gourmet recipe,food cooking asmr&eating(no talking) [4k]

Pepper, egg, carrot First chop the peppers. Very nice sound. Cut the carrots too. Eggs…..Don’t I teach? salt… Chicken essence Korean chili powder, not hot Add chopped vegetables. Put a little bit of oil Slowly burn on low heat, about 3 minutes The color of the pepper has changed. I started eating. A cup of […]

Recette d’œuf – Idée dîner facile et rapide

Hello Egg recipe – Quick & easy dinner idea 350ml milk 200g white flour 2 eggs salt pepper mixed 2 eggs + 2tbsp vegetable oil 350ml milk + 200g white flour oil Grated red cheese Parsley Cooking oil 5 eggs Parsley Salt (optional) pepper Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting