KLUNA FAILED COOKING CLASS AGAIN! | COMPILATION ASMR eating sounds no talk pâte à modeler mangeant

Welcome to Klunatik`s official COMPILATIONS channel! Here we will upload compilations and give more background information about these videos. Check our MAIN channel for our latest videos: YOUTUBE.COM/KLUNATIK This video was originally uploaded on our main channel in 2016 The video went viral and received 41 million views! Because so many people liked this video […]

Eggs Devaux – New Food Recipe

Hi everyone, I’m Davy Devaux and I’m going to show you guys how to make Eggs, Bacon and Toast my way. First you’re going to need to separate the egg whites from the egg yolk, so crack open an egg. Now you take an empty bottle of water and you just suck the egg yolk, […]

Indonesian Food | American Kids Try Food from Around the World – Ep 13 | Kids Try | Cut

– It’s green like a turtle or crocodile or snake. Cobras are even green. They might eat me! – Let’s see if this is yummy. Huh–red! – I knew that! – I smell something I had before. – Oh, man, and I hated it! It was in preschool! – Tastes like bread. – Doughnuts? – […]

Strawberry Macarons

Hi! I’m Heather. My husband Tom -Mr. Lazy R- is working and has appointments today so I’ll be doing this by myself. Bear with me because I have to be the camera person as well as doing the demonstration because my photographer daughter Christie is sitting there doing her own work and doesn’t have time […]

Fried Cheese Egg Toast – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes kama lib fried cheese egg toast that’s right you want something delicious for breakfast but none of your usual options sound good which means you’re in what we call them the business erupted and don’t feel bad it happens to the best of us but anyway good […]

Crave-Worthy Fried Egg Sandwich | Food Network

If you’re a bacon and egg fan, you’ve probably heard of the popular LA eatery Eggslut. It’s got lines of people wrapped around Grand Central Market. The fried eggs, the perfectly crispy bacon, the brioche bun, all of it makes for an egg sandwich that is to die for. But I don’t always have time […]

Qutab (Azerbaijani cuisine)

Azerbaijan What are you doing Esma? This is the funniest way to separate the egg yolk We need only egg whites in our recipe I bought this thin dough sheets in the closest market Now I show you how to prepare two different styles of Qutab First — Green Qutab Use only fresh greens White […]

Philly Steak Sandwich | Easy way how to make Philly Steak Sandwich at home

Do you want to know how to make Philly Steak Sandwich in very easy way? The vast majority who visit Foothills, CA can’t leave without attempting a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich at Arnie’s Italian Restaurant. Here are a few tips so you can make your own at home. Utilizing significantly less oil, yet not substituting […]

Cooking with Brendan Gallagher

Yeah, I can make… Make a quick little eggs and toast. Pretty… -[Cooking with Gally. How to make eggs.] Oh! It’s as standard as it gets with me. Three scrambled eggs. Toast. And then that’ll hold me over for a little bit. I buy eggs in bulk, because I go through them pretty quickly. Start […]

Homemade vs Fast Food: McGriddle • Tasty

would you hear me make Alex so you can take the mick thick Donald fake griddle Alex I have seen you do some amazing things with food I know we have made some homemade versions of the Crunchwrap supreme which is my favorite thing and a version of the Egg McMuffin from McDonald but we […]